The Afterlife Of Jonghyun (2nd Death Anniversary)


In light of Jonghyun’s 2nd death anniversary today, since last year I wrote the post THE AFTERLIFE OF JONGHYUN (1ST DEATH ANNIVERSARY), I thought it would be nice to also do a review update of what Jonghyun could have been doing in the second year of his afterlife based on my personal experiences and point of view too.

On the night of his 1st death anniversary last year after I published the above post, I encountered a mysterious visit of a spirit to my house whom I believed to be Jonghyun himself. The kitchen light was mysteriously switched on by itself when I was alone in the house and afraid of the dark. For the rest of that night, I spent time setting up a small DIY christmas tree which he might have given my mum a silent nudge to buy for me earlier in the day. Read about my mystical experience at LOVE DIARY: MY CHRISTMAS TREE PRESENT & JONGHYUN’S VISIT.

My DIY christmas tree present last year 🎄

After marching into the new year of 2019, I did an artwork for Jonghyun for his birthday on 8th April (see JONGHYUN BIRTHDAY 2019: A FRIEND IN NEED, A WHITE DOVE TO THE RESCUE). Later in the same month, I attended a 3-day Theta Healing Basic DNA course over the Easter weekend from 19-21 April. On the last day of our course, we had a practice session of releasing spirits to the light. When I was doing the healing, the first person I thought of was Jonghyun. Then I heard a female voice say, “Jonghyun, come! (it’s time for you to go)” But I didn’t really manage to observe much clear visions at the time.

Later that night when I went back home, I suddenly had a vivid vision of a cute black chubby figure similar to my old drawings of the shadow man (see an example below) running towards the Source of Light. I watched his figure diminish into a smaller creature and got the feeling that he, whoever he was, was going to reincarnate in his next life. I broke down to tears as I felt aching pain in my heart as I couldn’t bear to let him go. It was 21 April then.

The black chubby figure in my vision looked similar to the shadow man I used to portray in my drawings like this one.

Read my first full account of this vision I had at my instagram below:

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A few days ago, I came across this fan-made video by a Taeyeon fan. It's supposed to be funny 'cause yknow, it's Tom & Jerry cartoon. But when the fan edited it using Taeyeon's Here I Am as background music, I broke down in tears watching it.⁣ ⁣ The bigger reason behind my tears was because I was reminded of a vivid vision I had on one recent night after I attended a 3-day Theta Healing Basic DNA course. I saw a really cute chubby black figure (pretty much looked like the shadow man character in my artworks in the earlier days. see 2nd pic for an example) walking towards a blank space of very glaring white light. As he walked towards it at increasing speed, his figure became smaller and smaller. He turned into the size of a rat and then into an ant. I began to worry. My heart began to break. I understood the idea that this soul, whoever he was, was making his way to a better place. But I was afraid he would be gone forever. He, sensing that I couldn't bear to let him go, turned around and projected himself into a devil image and said, "Do you want me to stay and look like that?" He then carried on his journey.⁣ ⁣ I opened my eyes. I couldn't bear to bring myself to witness the whole process till the end. I broke down to tears. I just thought it was a heart-wrenching scene to behold. The fear of letting go of someone even though you know he's going to a better place but you might never see him again. 💔⁣ ⁣ This video conveyed that similar idea behind my vision. While mine was a horizontal path to a white space, this one is a stairway to Heaven. Love the fan's choice of using Taeyeon's Here I Am as bg song. Perfect. 💜⁣ ⁣ 📽 by flyingzerotaeyeon⁣ ⁣ (p.s. sometimes I think it was just a small boy who was playing a fool with me 😂)⁣ ⁣ #taeyeon #태연 #hereiam #stairwaytoheaven #visions #voices #messagefromtheuniverse #lawofattraction #meaningfulcoincidence #mystical #signsandsymbols #synchronicity #energy #spiritual #connection #everydayoracles #mindofsoul #divine

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After that, I still had no idea who that shadow man was. And Jonghyun also seemed to appear less in my head since then and I wouldn’t really ask why or call for him too. It was until mid June when there was a sign coming from him through a fan of his. That day was significant because I made up my mind and was going to pluck up courage to meet my manager later that evening to talk to him about not renewing my contract with Singtel once it ends in July. That morning itself, a fan left an important comment under this post telling me how she stumbled upon my blog and that she has been a close friend of him whom he frequently visits in his afterlife. The comment came at such a timely manner that I had no qualms believing in what she said and that it was a sign telling me that he still hadn’t left yet and that he was aware and supporting my decision to leave my job that I didn’t enjoy.

On 22 July, my 1-year contract with Singtel ended and I left my job as planned and got myself into the unknown. Shortly after, on the night of 25 July, without any pre-warning, my sister suddenly said she would be bringing home a new pug puppy named Tofu which her boyfriend had gotten for her. So that night I met Tofu for the first time. He was only 3 months old.

I didn’t know why but I felt extremely nervous about meeting him. I held him up to take a photo together and his body was also trembling a lot.

Later on, I asked my sis when his birthday is. She said 21 April. I didn’t think much of it at first. It was only probably until a few weeks later when I saw the bio of the instagram account @marpotofu which my sis set up for him that I suddenly had a hunch. I checked back on my calendar and finally realised 21 April was actually Easter Sunday, the day when I had that vivid vision of the shadow man running towards the light! There is such a strong connection between the birth of Tofu and my vision that I began to believe that Tofu is likely the reincarnation of that shadow man!!

Question is, who was that shadow man??

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Last month, when my sis first brought her new puppy Tofu to our house, he was just 4 months old. I asked when his exact birthday is. She said 21st April. I said okay and didn't think much of it afterward.⁣ ⁣ Recently my sis set up a new Instagram account for Tofu and wrote his birthday on the bio (see last pic). My attention was brought back to his birthday again. I had an inner feeling that there is something significant about this particular date so I checked back on my calendar. He was born on Easter Sunday! I was touched when I realised there really was a higher purpose how and why he has come to join our family.⁣ ⁣ If you refer to my 6th May instagram post, I wrote that over the Easter weekend this year, I attended a 3-day Theta Healing Basic DNA course. After completing the course, I went back home and had a really vivid vision of a black figure that looked similar to the shadow man in my drawings running on a path towards the light. His silhouette got smaller and smaller into a size of an animal and vanished. It was a heart-wrenching scene to watch and it made me cry for awhile. That day was Easter Sunday.⁣ ⁣ I have strong reasons to believe that Tofu was the rebirth of that shadow man in my vision, whoever he was. I'm thankful for him coming to join us as part of the family and has already been a joy that bonds us together in such short span of time since he came. I bought him a bunny toy some time back and it has stripes like my rainbow bunny Bobo. I think he likes it too. Haha.⁣ ⁣ Go follow his account @/marpotofu maintained by my sis for more photos of him in the future 🐶💜⁣ ⁣ #tofu #豆腐 #pug #puppy #petdog #rebirth #reincarnation #thetahealing #vision #lawofattraction #meaningfulcoincidence #mystical #signsandsymbols #synchronicity #energy #spiritual #connection #everydayoracles #mindofsoul #divine

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I also wrote a Tumblr post below connecting JJ Lin’s song “不为谁而作的歌 (Twilight / A Song Not Made For Anyone Specifically)” to question the true identity of Tofu.

Sometimes I would look at Tofu and think he behaves more like a human than a dog. He’s quite timid, pretty shy and awkward around other dogs but seems more comfortable with humans. Even my mum also treats him like a human baby too. I even find Tofu’s unusual handsome, sharp face, that is so different from the other pugs, has a striking resemblance to Jonghyun’s. Could the shadow man be Jonghyun? Could Tofu be Jonghyun’s reincarnation? Voices in my head kept telling me “he’s Jonghyun, he’s Jonghyun!” at the start. But I can’t be too sure. I think I can never be 100% sure about that. Because if that is true, then it would be conflicting with the theory that Jonghyun’s spirit is still going around visiting his fans to make sure they are alright, as evident from the fan comment made in June this year.

So this was one of the reasons that motivated me to make the below artwork specially for Jonghyun to commemorate his 2nd death anniversary this year.

Read the full writeup about the artwork at my other post JONGHYUN 2ND DEATH ANNIVERSARY: JONGHYUN’S WORLD – PLANET B-612.

If he wasn’t Tofu, then what could he be doing all this time while I felt like he was away and wasn’t by my side? He might have taken a spaceship to Planet B-612 to take care of his rose – shall be my answer.

오늘도 수고했어요 종현아! ❤❤❤