Jonghyun 2nd Death Anniversary: Jonghyun’s World – Planet B-612

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
“Supposing I know of a flower that is absolutely unique, that is nowhere to be found except on my planet, and any minute that flower could accidentally be eaten up by a little lamb, isn’t that important? If a person loves a flower that is the only one of its kind on all the millions and millions of stars, then gazing at the night sky is enough to make him happy. He says to himself “My flower is out there somewhere.” But if the lamb eats the flower, then suddenly it’s as if all the stars had stopped shining. Isn’t that important?”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


This is the first time I decided to make an artwork to commemorate Jonghyun’s death anniversary. Time really flies. It’s already been 2 years since he left us abruptly from this world. I still remember what happened on that fateful day. I had just published my post about the quotes from The Little Prince, MEMORIES OF KOREA TRIP 2015 – QUOTES FROM THE LITTLE PRINCE: TRUE COLOURS ARE SEEN WITH THE HEART. I stood up and walked out of my office with really bad, mysterious bodyaches, hearing a voice comment “you’re one tough woman” at me. I made myself some tea at the pantry and broke down to tears intuitively as if I could sense something bad had happened. Little did I know it was The Little Prince who had come up to find me, speaking in front of me in my subconsciousness. (read more about what happened on that day around the time he passed away at R.I.P KIM JONGHYUN, YOU DID WELL)

Sometimes I wonder, maybe he wasn’t dead yet. He was just going to outer space to look for his rose at Planet B-612 like in the story of The Little Prince. Sometimes, I would look up at the night sky, thinking that he was up there watching me from the moon. To me, he was just like an astronaut who had simply taken a spaceship out from Earth to travel the galaxy and visit the other stars, that’s all. Maybe when he’s tired of space travelling, he would come back to Earth again. Or maybe he’s happy enough to stay on his Planet B-612 to keep his rose company. So this idea was what inspired me to make this artwork for him.

My reference pictures and sources of inspiration.

The astronaut notebook series that I found at The Green Party!

My work in progress as follows.

First, I painted the Planet B-612 with watercolours. I visualised it to be a colourful planet with vibrant colours.
Making of Jonghyun as an astronaut with art papers.
Stick both pieces into place on a piece of black background paper.
Making of a stalk of red rose that is planted near his side.
Writing of the words “Jonghyun’s World” with a metallic silver marker.
I planned to make use of these unwanted glowing glitter sand that I got from my friend to form the glitter of stars in the galaxy with the help of a wet glue.
This part was kinda messy because my wet glue cap was spoilt so I had to use my fingers to spread the glue across the background before sprinkling the glowing glitter sand on top of the glue areas.
When the glue was dried, I framed it up in a nice silver frame that gives it an even more space-like feel.

More detailed photos of my completed artwork coming to Earth like shooting stars. 😆💫🌟

I have a few theories of what he could have been doing in the past second year of his afterlife (or while he’s away from Earth in the outer space at Planet B-612 😂). Read more at my other post THE AFTERLIFE OF JONGHYUN (2ND DEATH ANNIVERSARY) about those theories that I have gathered this year based on my personal experiences and point of view.

To Jonghyun, the astronaut who is somewhere out there, somewhere far away,

Hope you like this artwork that I’ve made for you!
Have fun space-travelling in your afterlife!

Celeste Koh

Listen to: “612星球 (Planet 612)” by S.H.E