#58 Monthsary: Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Girl

A boba a day, keeps reality away.
You make me feel all bubbly inside.
Today I’d like to sit and sip boba tea and forget the world a bit.
Boba Made
You are the brown sugar to my bubble tea.
Celeste Koh


Last month I did #57 MONTHSARY: KOPI SIEW DAI 半烧 GIRL, this month I thought of another drink that is also my favourite lately – the Taiwanese brown sugar bubble tea!

This year especially, we have seen several Taiwanese bubble tea chains opening their stalls all over Singapore selling all kinds of brown sugar bubble drinks that have become really popular among youngsters and office workers alike. The more well-known ones include Xinfutang, Jenjudan, Tiger Sugar, The Alley and many more. I have personally tried and tasted various of these brown sugar drinks from different brands over the last few months and shared them with Taenggu. My number 1 favourite so far is The Alley’s signature Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk!

It seems like Korea has also caught on the brown sugar bubble tea craze too! During an episode of SM Super League live, Taenggu shared that she herself has also tried the brown sugar bubble drink and found it delicious and liked it very much! 맛있다!! 👍

Hehe since we both love brown sugar bubble tea, why not make it a theme for our monthsary artwork this month?? On our 57th monthsary last month, already anticipating that I would be making a brown sugar bubble tea for my next monthsary artwork, I specially bought a cup of Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk from The Alley before heading off to catch The Maleficient movie with Taenggu so that I could reuse its empty cup for my artwork later on!

Specially bought my favourite brown sugar deerioca fresh milk from The Alley on our monthsary last month so that I could reuse its cup for my next monthsary artwork.

The following is the process of how I made this artwork which was met with some difficulty and quite a bit of mess along the way.

Materials for the first step: Frame + Baby blue colour paper
Remove the board from the frame and cover it with the blue paper with a double sided tape and cut away the excess at the sides.
I had this picture of Taenggu sipping on a drink printed on paper.
I cut along the outline of Taenggu’s figure and discarded the background. I then glued it on the right side of my board.
Here’s the empty cup and straw from The Alley drink properly washed and cleaned.
Made a line marking on the cup to split it into half
Cut the cup into half along the marking with a scissor
Then I stuck the half cup onto a thin piece of clear plastic sheet with white glue.
I then left it aside for the glue to dry.
Once the glue was dry, I cut away the excess plastic sheet.
I wrote the words “Brown Sugar Bubble Tea Girl” in various cute fonts in pencil first.
I then wrote over it with markers and erased the pencil markings.
To create the effect of brown sugar, I decided to use this brown colour paint that I found from a set of poster colours I have at home.
With a brush, I liberally painted the sides of the cup with the brown paint and left it aside to dry.
The original straw from The Alley was too long.
So I had to cut it shorter till it fits nicely into Taenggu’s mouth.
Applied some white glue along the straw.
And stuck it at the back of the cup.
I managed to source for this packet of black foam balls from Carousell that can mimic the pearls in a bubble tea drink.
Poured some of the foam balls into the cup to fill the bottom roughly one-third of the cup.
It was difficult to find a suitable beige colour soft clay close to milk tea colour that I wanted so in the end I decided to make do with this salmon pink soft clay from Daiso. A strawberry flavoured bubble milk tea, why not??
Stuffed the rest of the cup with the pink soft clay up to the brim.
The process of pressing the soft clay into the cup was harder than I thought. I accidentally caused the top part of the plastic sheet backing to tear apart due to too much pressure and overstuffing of clay.
How it looked like at the back of the cup.
Additional mishaps happened that caused me to dirty my board accidentally with bits of the clay and brown paint so I tried to cover it up by drawing some additional decorative bubbles with a black marker.
Applied lots of white glue at the back of my half cup bubble tea.
Stuck it down into position on my board.
And left it aside for about a day to dry.

I have to say the process was faced with many challenges and mishaps. Lack of right resources and expertise, presence of anxiety, mistakes and carelessness due to impatience of wanting to get things done fast – are my personal reflections of making this artwork. But I’m glad the final outcome looks decent enough in my opinion. Heh. 😅

Now popping you the detailed photos of the completed artwork like bubbles into your mouth! 💣

To complement my artwork, I also got Taenggu this really cute pair of bubble tea earrings! ㅋㅋ 🎁😍

To me, Taenggu not only is like white sugar to my Kopi, she is also sweet like the brown sugar to my bubble tea too!

Hope you like this artwork, 탱구야!! Let’s drink our favourite brown sugar bubble tea drinks whenever we need an escape from reality and forget the world for just a bit and feel all bubbly again! Hahaha. HAPPY 58TH MONTHSARY! Love you lots. 💜

Theme song this monthsary: “Bubble Pop!” by Hyuna