Monthsary Special: The Fifty-Seventh – Taste Of Acai Bowl & Maleficient Movie


Since my 57th monthsary artwork was about kopi (refer to #57 MONTHSARY: KOPI SIEW DAI 半烧 GIRL), on the morning of our 57th monthsary, I had our typical Singapore breakfast set – kopi, kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs – to begin our day with a good start!

At 12.15pm, I attended a hot stretch yoga class at my regular yoga studio in Somerset. I guess my concept for the day was healthy lifestyle! Kekeke. After an hour of stretching exercises which my body badly needed, I walked along the long stretch of Orchard Road heading to a little cafe called Coocaca at Liat Tower. We were going to have a taste of their acai bowl for brunch! A good way to detox and refresh yourself after yoga!

Walking along Orchard Road to the cafe
Here we are at Coocaca cafe that specialises in acai bowls. I didn’t expect the shop to be outdoors!

As I didn’t expect the cafe to be located outdoors, I was kinda caught off-guard by the heat having to sit under the hot afternoon sun.

Thankfully, there were fans blowing at us at the outdoor tables.

I ordered one of their acai bowls named “Pura Vida” filled with fresh fruits, coconut flakes and homemade granola!

One of the acai bowls named “Pura Vida” from Coocaca
How it looked like when mixed.

Mandatory selfies to remember our unique acai bowl monthsary date! 😆📸

After filling our belly with the refreshing, healthy acai bowl, we went to Plaza Singapura to catch Maleficient: Mistress of Evil movie at 4pm. I had watched the first Maleficient movie a few years ago so I was pretty keen to watch this sequel!

Caught the latest Maleficient movie at the GV theatre at Plaza Singapura 🎥

I enjoyed the movie very much! Especially Angelina Jolie who acted as Maleficient was really captivating to watch. You can’t help but empathise a lot with Maleficient who, despite being the “villian” in the movie, still always has a soft spot for her goddaughter, Aurora. And her motherly love of sacrificing herself to save Aurora despite being wronged touched me deeply.

With a good movie, I wrapped up the full day of our 57th monthsary date on a happy note. 😊💜

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