11.11 2019: I Wish For Your Wish Come True

“11:11PM, the only thing I wish for is you.”
Celeste Koh
“The evening star is shinin’ bright so make a wish and hold on tight. There’s magic in the air tonight and anything can happen.”
The Princess and the Frog
“The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work.”
Tiana, The Princess and the Frog
“There’s been trial and tribulations, you know I’ve had my share, but I’ve climbed the mountain, I’ve crossed the river and I’m almost there. I’m almost there.”
Tiana, The Princess and the Frog
“If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way.”
Princess Tiana


11.11 is also known as Pepero Day in Korea, Pocky Day in Japan and Singles Day in China. In the past 2 years, I had celebrated this day as Pepero Day through food art in 2017 (refer to post: PEPERO DAY 2017: PEPERO FOOD ART + REFLECTIONS OF 11:11) and playing Taenggu’s song “11:11” on the guitar (refer to post: PEPERO DAY 2018: MY GUITAR PROMISE (FROM A YEAR AGO)). This year, I want to focus on the concept of making a wish at the time 11:11, which is believed to be a magical timing when you get attuned to the universe, your prayers will be answered by angels and miracles happen.

My original idea was to make a simple artwork of a girl making a wish in front of a digital clock when it hits 11:11 along with a line that says simply “I wish for your wish come true”. But one night while I was meditating, a voice abruptly mentioned the name “Princess Diana”. I was extremely puzzled because the only person who came to my mind instantly was the late Princess of Wales, Princess Diana.

Why would the voice bring her up all of the sudden? A few days later, I began to ponder if I should tie my 11:11 artwork up to a Disney fairytale too like I did for my past few couple day artworks, but I didn’t know any particular Disney fairytale that is related to making wishes until I came across this article introducing Tiana as the most underrated Disney Princess of all time. To my pleasant surprise, the story “The Princess and the Frog” which Tiana appears in is about her wishing upon a star. But much more than just vainly making wishes, Tiana believes that it takes hard work to make a wish come true. Out of curiosity and as part of my preparation work, I watched the Disney animated movie of “The Princess and the Frog” which can be found on Netflix. I was very inspired by Tiana in the movie and found that I have a lot in common with her, like her working double shifts to save up money to make her dream of opening her very own restaurant come true.

I was amazed how this fairytale could fit very well with my 11:11 artwork this year. Only then I realised rather than Princess Diana, the voice could actually be referring to Princess Tiana a few nights ago! LOL.

So I modified my original idea to include some elements from The Princess and the Frog fairytale for my 11.11 artwork. Below are my work-in-progress shots.

Similar to what I did for WINE DAY 2019: LOVE IS BEST… WITH WINE AND MERMAID TAIL, I recycled the sample graphic paper that came with the A4 photo frame which I was going to use for my artwork.
The printed images which I was going to use for my artwork. I’m using the cutting and pasting method, pretty much like scrapbooking.
Sticking the image of girl who is originally wearing a birthday hat making a wish
Sticking the image of a crown over the girl’s birthday hat
Sticking a table cut from a brown coloured paper
Piecing together an image of a digital clock displaying the time 11:11 on the table top made from black and white art papers
Sticking an image of Naveen the Frog Prince from the Disney fairytale “The Princess and the Frog” leaning against the digital clock
At this point, I was about to cover the words “Chill Out” that were originally on the background graphic paper with the title of the artwork and I realised I was also coincidentally wearing a Snoopy t-shirt with the words “Chill Out” on it too at the time of making this artwork!
Covering the words “Chill Out” which would have been irrelevant to my artwork with the typed-out title of my artwork
Sticking pieces of the quote about wishing upon the star from The Princess and the Frog
Put the whole finished piece back to the frame and we are done!
If the birthday girl (which is me) were Princess Tiana, it would have looked like this. 😊

Now serving you detailed photos of my completed artwork like Tiana serving her food! 😄

Who wouldn’t wish your frog prince would suddenly appear one day when your dream needs that extra push and he becomes the best thing you never knew you needed to make your dream come true like it happened to Tiana? Keke.

And who would my Frog Prince be???

It’s none other than my Taenggu!!! Hahahahaha. 🐸 (refer to post: FAN ART: FROGGY FEET PRINCE CHARMING TAENG)

To Taenggu, my dear Frog Prince,

Hope you like this simple 11.11 “The Princess and the Frog” inspired artwork (my first proper 11.11 artwork ever!) for you! On this day 11.11, at time 11:11PM, wishing upon the evening star Evangeline, I wish for our wishes come true! 🌠🙏

With Love and Kisses 💋,
Celeste Koh, Princess Tiana 👑

Today is a perfect day to listen to: “11:11” by Kim TaeYeon


Last year I tried playing 11:11 on my guitar (PEPERO DAY 2018: MY GUITAR PROMISE (FROM A YEAR AGO)), this year I suddenly had an idea to play it on a ukulele instead! So here it is, after roughly 1 week of practising, an edit of my 4 final videos of myself playing the last chorus of 11:11 on my ukulele on the last day of my self-imposed deadline. Please forgive my rusty plucking skills as someone who hadn’t touched my old ukulele in years! 😝

Hope you enjoyed my efforts in putting all these together for 11.11 just for you, 탱구야!
I love you 🎸💜

P.S. Speaking of this special day 11.11, I just found out from my father not long ago on my grandpa’s death anniversary that I was originally supposed to be a 11.11 baby! But I, who was still in my mother’s womb at that time, seemed to be able to sense the passing of my grandpa on 29 Oct 1991 and to avoid clashing too close to his death date, I didn’t come out on my expected delivery date on 11.11 until 20 Nov that year, according to my father. 👶