Monthsary Special: The Fifty-Sixth – Gather The Misfits


After halting my monthsary special series for over a year (my last one was about our 40th monthsary), the time feels right for me now to reboot this series off to a fresh new start, beginning from our 56th monthsary on 29th September 2019.

Coincidentally on this day, it was also my great grandma’s death anniversary. I had to make a trip to our ancestral temple to pray, pay our respects and give offerings to my great grandma and our ancestors with my parents in the morning. Read about a mystical vision I had connecting JJ Lin’s song to our new puppy Tofu during my time at the temple on my recent Tumblr post.

After we were done, I left on my own and headed down to a cafe named “Gather The Misfits” at 217 Rangoon Road. It’s a pretty new cafe that was just opened not long ago. I chose this cafe because I was attracted to its name. It seems fitting to me at this time when I feel so out of place in this society, trying to do all the extraordinary things that I love to do and not get dragged by the societal norms and expectations. A place where all the misfits like me can gather… I definitely would want to check it out!

It looked like calm before the storm as I followed the path on my Google map to the location of the cafe.
Outside the cafe when I reached. Its exterior surprised me because the design reminded me of one of those typical Korean cafes I had seen in Seoul!

Do the misfits who feel lost on earth actually belong to the outer space? Let’s go back to the moon, to the stars and other planets in the galaxy, back to where we truly belong!

Have you taken up-close selfies with the moon before? I did!


When communications break down, would you use the emergency telephone to give me a call?

The menu
Smoked fish with bonito cream toasties
Flat white with a large balloon heart 🎈💜😍

Spamming you with all other selfies I took. Kekeke.

After spending 1-2 hours at the cafe, I left and went back home. The sky was still filled with a dark shade of grey, but the storm was still not here yet.

I reached back home safe and sound and heard the rain begin to pour heavily outside. Thank god, I didn’t have to be drenched in the rain without an umbrella! ☔️💜

Artwork of the month:


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