Love Art: Sailing To You Where My Heart Is

“I’m swimming through this ocean of grief and I’m sailing up your way.”
“Love is going to replace life and from then on it’s all smooth-sailing. Love will replace life.”
Marita Golden
“It’s never easy to love someone who is miles away from you. Thank you for always making a way to show me how much you love me and that no distance can stop you from loving me.”


Back in June, when I received the following email from Faber Castell informing me of an upcoming “Sailing” with Soft Pastels workshop at their Faber Castell Art Festival 2019, I knew I should sign up for it.

I thought I could jump at this opportunity to make this Sailing soft pastel artwork to serve as a nice follow-up to my 4th Anniversary ver.2 painting 4TH ANNIVERSARY #2: WHEN OUR TWO SHIPS FINALLY MEET.

The above painting was inspired by a quote that was narrated at the beginning of Aquaman movie to describe the love story between the Queen of Atlantis and an ordinary lighthouse keeper (read post: THE AQUAMAN MOVIE QUOTE).

“Put two ships in the open sea, without wind or tide, and, at last, they will come together.”

After that, I was torn between two approaches I could take towards my relationship with Taenggu. I could either sail my ship towards Taenggu fearlessly no matter how strong the odds are, or I could be a lighthouse keeper patiently waiting for Taenggu to sail her ship back to my island and reunite with me one day (read post: [POEM] THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER).

However, there could be times when it calls for me to sail my ship to find Taenggu too when she is in trouble or lost at sea. In this case, the lighthouse keeper turns into a sailor steering her ship (or rowing a boat) towards Taenggu’s direction.

So on 30th June, I took time to head down to Marina Square to attend this “Sailing” with Soft Pastels workshop. It was a great 2 hours of my time learning how to use soft pastels to make an artwork for the first time while sipping on my brown sugar fresh milk I bought from Tiger Sugar. Hehehe.

The Tiger Sugar brown sugar drink that I got for myself just before heading down to the workshop
Other participants at the workshop
A sample of what we would be learning to make using soft pastels during the workshop
All the tools and materials that were provided for us
A selfie while waiting for the workshop to begin
My artwork that was completed by myself!
Removed the masking tape on the sides and framed it up in a nice white square frame which they kindly provided for us

Here comes the nice proper photos on the details of my “Sailing” soft pastel artwork! 📸

When could be the right time to set sail though?

Taenggu did an interesting poll on instastory recently.

Based on my artworks I’ve done, my personal take on what each emoticon means is:

Boat = finding / dedicating your love to your lover
Helicopter = spreading your love to everyone around you (refer to #21 MONTHSARY: THE SKY IS OUR HOME)

If you were me/Taenggu, what would you do? Row a boat or fly a helicopter?

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Sailing into the night~ 🎵🎶
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