[Poem] Pinocchio

They try, they try⁣
They try to chain me down⁣
Strangle me⁣
Suffocate me⁣
So I don’t say a thing⁣
Rip me off⁣
And cast me away⁣
So many Pinocchios⁣
Liars and the dirty, dirty cheats in the world⁣
They’re so small, so small⁣
Celeste Koh (2019)⁣


On my recent Tumblr post, I explained the process of how I got inspired to compose this poem “Pinocchio”. It all started with me singing the Aladdin soundtrack “Speechless”, and then with the help of some nurturing energies from Tiffany and Taylor Swift in my mind to voice out myself, this poem was born to vent all my anger and indignity with this dark entertainment industry of Kpop. Read the full story here.

Just the day before I was about to publish this poem on my instagram @mindofsoul_celeste account, I was at the local bookstore Popular and I happened to come across this chinese book with a picture of Pinocchio on it. Its title translates to “The Psychology of Telling Lies” in English.

It was synchronicity. This was a good sign. It means Heaven / the universe knew what I was going to do next and was encouraging me to do it! It was the right thing to do, they said.

Yes, to that random voice that said “Pinocchio” in my head (read my Tumblr post to know what I mean), I heard you! 👂💖

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