Silver Day 2019: One Size Fits One – My One And Only Cinderella (The Rose Wire Ring)

“No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”
“Have courage and be kind. Where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.”
Disney’s Cinderella
“Even miracles take a little time.”
The Fairy Godmother
“Any fairytale can come true with the right shoe.”
“Not all girls are Cinderella material. Some of us ditch the glass slippers for flip flops and dance as if there’s no midnight.”


To keep up with the theme of Disney princesses for Korean couple days I did for the past 2 months – Snow White for Kiss Day 2019: Give Me Love’s First Kiss And… Leave A Lipstick Mark On Me and Belle for Yellow Day / Rose Day 2019: The Enchanted Belle Rose (Beauty And The Beast Inspired), the next Disney princess to feature for this month’s Silver Day is… *drum rolls* Cinderella!

In fact, I already had an idea to do a Cinderella themed card like that for a long time, not necessarily for Silver Day. I wanted to use the words “One Size Fits One” as its slogan. It was a term I coined after a visit to Tokyo Disneyland 3 years ago.

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At Disneyland, there was a place called Fastasyland, a palace-like museum. Among the exhibits, there was Cinderella’s glass slipper shoe on display in a glass cabinet. It was so pretty that I took a picture and shared it on my personal instagram.

The term “one size fits one” already came to my mind as I wrote my caption back then. While the term “one size fits all” is more commonly used, why “one size fits one”? Anyone who is familiar with the Cinderella fairytale would know that the Prince Charming in the story uses this glass slipper that was left behind in a haste by Cinderella “to search through his kingdom to find the young maiden whose foot fits it, for the one who does will become the Prince’s bride” (reference). This story is funny in a way that the size of the glass slipper seems to be so unique that only Cinderella’s foot can fit into it and no other girls can, thus my idea of “one size fits one” because you are the one and only special one came about.

I realized this Cinderella “one size fits one” idea would suit the purpose behind Silver Day the best because, for those who don’t know, Silver Day is a day when couples exchange silver rings and discuss future plans of marriage, and a ring is like Cinderella’s glass slipper. It either fits your finger or it doesn’t. If it fits perfectly, then woah-la, I shall marry you to be the Princess of my life, so says the Prince. ㅋㅋ

So to commemorate Silver Day, I decided to do a self-designed card (like I did for last month’s Kiss Day) and a handmade silver wire ring (like I did for last year’s Silver Day). I started by designing my card using suitable images of Cinderella and her glass slipper and nice, fairytale themed fonts that I found online. After positioning and finalizing my design, I had it printed on a few papers with nice borders at the edges like an embroidery.

Next, I got some hands-on making a DIY silver ring. Last year’s Silver Day, I learned to make a simple ring using silver jewellery wires with a dark purple pearl at the centre through online tutorials (read post: Silver Day 2018: Always Your Wife). This year, I wanted to learn something different but equally simple to make – a silver rose wire ring!

Within an hour, I made 3 attempts of making the rose ring to experiment while following a video tutorial and I thought my first one actually turned out looking the best. 😆

To make it more interesting, I decided to embed my ring within the card itself! How? All I needed was a cut-out picture of a cushion, a cotton pad, double-sided tape and a pen knife!

With a bit of creativity, I transformed a 2-D cushion image into a 3-D looking cushion with a slit in the middle where you can fit the ring into like those you can find in a jewellery ring box.

Next, I attached the ring cushion at the inner page of the card and wrote the question that I wish I could ask Taenggu one day, “Will you marry me?” Instantly, the card turns into a marriage proposal card!

This is how it looks like from the front to opening the card to view inside and then closing it on the other side to see the back.

But… how to marry Kim Taeyeon? It would take much more than just a handmade silver wire ring and card to marry her, isn’t it?? A Thai fan asked that golden question that everyone would want to know at her concert in Bangkok late last year and she answered it directly herself.

In short, you have to take care of both the human and the dog! Hahaha. Would I be up for the challenge to marry her?

Taenggu-ya, even though I have zero experience in taking care of a dog, I will try to take care of Zero too. I will also shower you with lots of love and concern every single day. To marry and be married to you is my goal and dream. When will my fairytale dream come true like Cinderella? Hope my foot would fit your glass slipper and my ring would fit your finger. I love you!!! 👰💍💜

Theme song of the month: “Waiting For You” by 胡彥斌 (Anson Hu)

Read my Tumblr post about this song that has references to Cinderella here.

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