#52 Monthsary: I Am A Busy Bee

“It’s not so much how busy you are but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted.”
Mary Flannery O’Connor
“The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others.”
St. John Chrysostom
“No bees, no honey; no work, no money.”
“We are one colony — and their pain is our pain. Their dreams are our dreams; and their success will be our success. We share one heart, one hive, and one glorious destiny.”
Barry B. Benson, Bee Movie (2007)


This idea was inspired by a vision that was shared with me during my 3-day Theta Healing Basic DNA course over the Easter weekend last month. (I just wrote about my first experience at an one-on-one Theta Healing session not long ago in Extraordinary Theta Healing Experience – When Truth Prevails And A Leap Closer To The Light (Part 1 – My First Personal Face-to-Face Healing Session With An Experienced Healer). Will be writing more about what happened during my 3-day course thereafter in a later post soon.)

Throughout the course, we the students got the chance to do several hands-on healing practices for each other. During one of these practices, my partner shared with me what he saw in his mind after having done a healing on me. He said he saw a garden. In this garden, there were many bees busy collecting nectar from flowers to make honey. He then interpreted this vision for me. “Have you watched the Bee Movie?” he asked. It was an old animation movie released in 2007. “No I haven’t,” I replied. His interpretation tells me that the message behind his vision was similar to what the Bee movie is about – busy working hard to save the humanity.

My partner related a vision he had of me to the Bee Movie during a healing practice.

What he said definitely resonated with me. I related it to the spiritual works I have been working hard on behind-the-scenes all these while – mind-singing, spiritual audience singing, spiritual artworks and writings. His vision was a huge acknowledgement of my work (even though he himself had no prior knowledge of what I do). It was a huge nod from the universe, or the Creator of All That Is, that I have been doing the right thing. This wasn’t just what I saw of myself, it was what the Creator of All That Is (or God in short) sees in me through another person’s Third Eye. This proves that all these stuff that I am doing that I see as a form of healings I do mostly for the artistes around the world who may be struggling and needing help are in fact LEGIT. It was huge boost to my confidence and belief. To restore humanity and radiate love and kindness around the world like a bee does to make honey is definitely my kind of work that I would want to do in this life!

And Taenggu, as usual, seems like she always knows a thing or two about whatever that is going on in my life even if I don’t necessarily have to always write about it online or anywhere on social media for her to see and read (again, we are connected!). Because on the next day after I completed my course, when she was having a 2-day concert in Osaka as part of her ‘Signal’ Japan Tour, two of these behind-the-scene photos were released prior to the concert.

One of the photos was a drawing of a bee that she had drawn on the whiteboard with a blue marker with her signature at the top. Hehe how close a connection we have with each other as always, as if she herself also heard (or eavesdropped, lol) the reading of that bee vision which my partner had given me earlier on during the healing.

Taenggu herself is no doubt a busy bee too, always working hard to bless her audience’s ears with her honey voice in the arena and making the world a much better and beautiful place because of her existence as an idol and role model to millions of people. Especially these recent 2 months of April and May, Taenggu’s schedule has been pretty packed too. She had to juggle with her ‘Signal’ Japan tour travelling across many cities in Japan, her new ‘Voice’ Japanese album release and a couple of Kpop concerts held in Seoul and Taipei. She’s a busy bee indeed.

That was what motivated me to do this Busy Bee drawing for her this monthsary. Interestingly, that day when I made up my mind on this idea, I happened to pass by The Green Party shop and saw that they had started selling new series of these Bee stuff toys. Lol how cute! It was like another huge nod from the universe that yes, this Busy Bee idea is the right way to go!

When planning for this Busy Bee drawing, I thought Taenggu’s image of which she briefly appeared as a robot in her latest Japanese title song “Voice” music video would be really suitable. That lime green round bob hair on her would really fit the bee character which I would be drawing her as perfectly well, wouldn’t it? Keke.

My reference for Taenggu’s face taken from her “Voice” mv

I started working on the drawing over the weekend after I returned from a trip in Bangkok. I had to spend the weekend at our house in Johor Bahru then but I didn’t let this occasional short family weekend getaway to Malaysia stop me from doing this artwork in time for our monthsary.

I first did the pencil sketch at our JB house.

Then I did the colouring only when I returned to Singapore. I used only coloured markers for the whole drawing except for the mouth.

Colouring with markers is a pretty easy, fun and relaxing thing to do.

However, I found a slight challenge when it came to her hair. Instead of one single solid colour, I decided to overlap with different shades of green (like you normally would with colour pencils to create gradients) but I didn’t think it came out as nicely as I would want it to be.

Well, I guess my monthsary drawings are usually meant to be more fun and light-hearted. It’s okay to experiment and make mistakes. I take every monthsary drawing as a monthly practice to hone my artistic skills. Heh.

I still hope Taenggu would like this drawing and the idea behind it!

It’s apparent that different person has a different perspective towards any particular drawing. This was demonstrated through a comment left by Taenggu’s fan on my instagram post last month. I wrote about my own interpretation of Taenggu’s bee drawing.

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Last Easter weekend, I took up some Theta Healing classes for the benefit of learning how to heal myself before I heal others. We had many hands-on healing sessions that we practised on each other throughout the class and we would share the visions we saw after each healing we did for the other person. Among the many healings the other students had done on me, there was a particular one where my partner said he saw lots of bees. "Have you watched the Bee Movie (an old animation movie in 2007)?" He asked. I said, "No." He said what he saw was pretty much what the movie is talking about. About bees busy collecting nectar in the garden to make honey in order to save humanity that sort of thing. His vision definitely resonated with me. Hearing this strengthened the belief in my life purpose I have with regards to mind-singing and other spiritual healing parts of me.⁣ ⁣ So later on, when Taenggu drew a bee on the whiteboard in one of the bts shots of her concert in Osaka, I could personally connect to it very well. Taenggu must have been like a busy bee too. Using her honey voice to bless and heal her audience in the arena and save humanity. 🌏⁣ ⁣ 탱구야, are you going to be a busy bee today too?? 😘🐝💜⁣ ⁣ #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #太妍 #泰妍 #泰古 #psychic #visions #thetahealing #messagefromtheuniverse #energy #synchronicity #universe #lifepurpose #mission #savehumanity

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And the following were the comments between me and the fan.

Fan: Bee?? I thought it was cockroach😂😂
Me: Hehe really?? Looks more like a bee to me coz of the stripes on the body 😂
Fan: OMG what’s wrong with my eyes😂😂
Me: LOL 😆😂

It is interesting to me how what I see as a bee in Taenggu’s drawing was actually seen as a cockroach to others. Was it a cause of different perspectives? Or was it an illusion of the mind?

To Taenggu Bee Kim:

We both are like busy beezzzzz. Let’s keep buzzing and make honey for the betterment of this world we live in! BUZZ BUZZZZZZ. 🐝🍯💜


Namu Bee Koh

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