#51 Monthsary: Kongsoonie Sheep Taeng

“Your first mistake was thinking that I am one of your sheep.”
“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”
Edward R. Murrow


On 30th March, my siblings and I went on the Floating Donut boat ride at Clifford Pier as a little celebration for my brother’s birthday that fell on the day before. That day, I had a couple of visions that left a deeper impression in me. One was of Taenggu wearing a casual white beach-style outfit, with sunglasses on and hair tied in double braids as I imagined how she would appear if she was there taking the ride with us. Another was an image of a sheep.

Later that night, Taenggu posted her new selfies on her instagram. Her hair was really tied in double braids!

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콩순이 아는 사람 ?

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I always seem to be extra sensitive and receptive whenever she has her hair tied in double braids. The last time I also had a dream of myself in double braids hair and the next morning I woke up to find her appearing at the airport also in double braids! (read more about the story at THE DOUBLE PLAITS DREAM)

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Last Saturday, my siblings, my brother's gf and I went to take the Floating Donut boat ride at Clifford Pier as a birthday treat for my brother. While on the way there, I imagined how Taenggu would look like if she was here to take the ride with us. I saw a vision of her in double braids, wearing something white and probably with sunglasses on. Sort of how she looked like during the snorkeling episode in Girls For Rest.⁣ ⁣ Later that night, she posted some selfies of herself. It turned out she was really in double braids that day! Hahaha is this another instance where my vision of Taenggu in my mind was indeed a reflection of her in reality? ㅋㅋ I used to have a dream of myself in double braids one night and the next morning I woke up, I saw latest photos of Taenggu arriving at the airport with her hair tied in double braids too!! That eventually inspired me to make a drawing about it for our 29th monthsary too! 👧⁣ ⁣ #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #太妍 #泰妍 #泰古 #thedoubleplaitsdreamgirl #vision #dreamsintoreality

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In her instagram caption, she asked if anyone knows who 콩순이 (Kongsoonie) is.

Then awhile later, she posted a couple of photos of some magazine covers on her instastory. Apparently, that cartoon girl character on the magazine covers was the Kongsoonie she was referring to.

I guess she was trying to say her tightly tied double braids hairstyle that revealed her pretty full forehead made her look like Kongsoonie. I noticed in one of the images of Kongsoonie, she was wearing a thick white woolly piece of shawl. Could that be a reason why I also had a vision of sheep earlier on? Or probably the vision of sheep also had other deeper meanings to it.

And so, I was inspired to make a drawing based on this whole idea of Kongsoonie and the sheep for this 51st monthsary.

First, I started by drawing a sketch merging the details of the following 2 reference photos together.

At the beginning, when I was sketching Taenggu’s face, I thought I could see a slight resemblance to the former 2NE1 member, Park Bom in my drawing.

It could be due to the fact that I just wrote and published a new Tumblr post about Park Bom around that time too. Read my Tumblr post here.

Despite this, I still decided to push through the same drawing till the end thinking it is still inherently Taenggu after all.

Then after adding in features of Kongsoonie’s hair and body to Taenggu’s face (note: I changed Taenggu’s ears to be round ones like Kongsoonie’s ㅋㅋ), it was time for me to fill in with colours.

Here’s a lengthy, unedited video of my whole colouring process for you to watch as you please. 😆

Another one of me writing out the words “Little 콩순이” at the side and colouring them in rainbow colours.

Initially, I wanted to end my artwork right here.

Honestly, I was rather hesitant about presenting Taenggu as a sheep. I was wary that my sheep vision might have a negative connotation to it. When you think of sheep, what might first come to your mind is a character that is meek and timid, someone who merely follows the crowd. Personally, sheep is also my zodiac. When I see the vision of sheep, it could be targeting more towards myself, rather than Taenggu. Was it referring to me being submissive to the general society? When I think of Taenggu, I wouldn’t think of her as a sheep neither. If you know her well, she has lots of individuality, courage and fire within her too. You never know when she would turn into a ferocious lion anytime. So I wasn’t sure if the idea of sheep would suit her.

Maybe I was being too serious about interpreting the hidden meanings behind my art. After seeing visions of sheep again a few more times after that, especially during the Easter weekend last week, I decided to look at it in a more light-hearted way. Looking up on the spiritual meaning of sheep, it can mean really positive and pure things too. As what it says on this webpage, sheep are considered “creatures of a pure soul, innocent, untouched by earthly sin, humble and obedient”.

Feeling like my artwork is incomplete without honouring my original idea for this monthsary drawing, after much considerations, I decided to make a separate, detachable piece of paper sheep body to place over Taenggu so instantly she transforms from a homebody Kongsoonie wearing pyjamas and hugging a bear to a sheep Kongsoonie.

Notice how there’s her signature “F.” tattoo on her right middle finger. It represents her reluctance to be turned into a sheep, to conform into what the society expects of her.

Speaking of sheep, I was reminded of her instalive back in February where she appeared in a thick white woolly jacket that made her look like the most adorable sheep on earth.

Watch the full instalive with chinese subs below.

Last month I drew her as a pig (read #50 MONTHSARY: FLY HIGH, MY FLYING PIGGIE NOSE TAENG), this month as a sheep, what’s next?

HAPPY 51ST MONTHSARY 탱구야! Let’s be happy counting sheep every night together. 사랑해!! 🐑💜

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