Jessica Birthday 2019: Chic Like An Ice Princess Black Cat

“The nickname (Ice Princess) is just based on my looks on the outside, once you get to know me, you’ll get to like me.”
Jessica Jung
“You’ll love the feel of my soft velvet fur
You’ll love the sound of my rumbling purr
Once I have loved you, you’ll never look back
The reason for this…


This is my first time making a birthday artwork for Jessica. There isn’t any particular reason why I suddenly decided to do it this year. As the chinese saying goes, 天时地利人和. It’s just the timing and feeling seem right. Perhaps because both the feelings and conditions are right, the process of making this artwork was pretty smooth-sailing. I started working on this one very early in the month, right after I finished Jonghyun’s. My idea was to draw Jessica as a black cat wearing a tiara.

For the Christmas cards I had made for her in the past, I have always used a cat to represent Jessica because I see her as having an attitude and personality like a cool, chic and nonchalant kitty. 😼

This time, I chose to portray her a black cat because I think it looks elegant and fashionable like her. Adding a tiara on her head was a complementing idea that popped up in my mind. 👑

I began by choosing a suitable reference photo of her from her instagram gallery. Ultimately, this one made the final cut.

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J is for Jessica #jisforjessica #gisforgoldenstars

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Then, I began sketching her face on paper based on the chosen photo before drawing the body of a cat below her face. The sketching process was so smooth and satisfying that I began to wonder if Jessica herself is really good at drawing. And I actually felt confident enough to film a lengthy video of the process of me drawing parts of her face and cat body in pencil and another one of me colouring her body with a black marker.

Now where do I get a tiara? Rather than drawing one on her, I wanted to get a real one that I could paste on the drawing and make it pop out from it. The first place that came into my mind where I could potentially get a tiara from was my favourite budget lifestyle goods and gift shop “The Green Party”. On one of the weekdays after work, I went to the branch at Causeway Point in hopes of finding a suitable tiara. I did find many of them on sale there but they were mostly in the form of a metal headband. But I just needed a flat centerpiece of the tiara without the round band to stick on the flat drawing paper. It would be a problem how I could detach the centre crown apart from the metal band. Something seemed to tell me there MUST be something perfect I could find here. Not giving up, I walked around the shop many times. Finally, I spotted a hair band at the children’s accessories corner. It had a piece of tiara with a picture of Elsa from Frozen at the centre loosely attached to the hairband. I was so happy to have finally found one flat centerpiece that could be easily detached!

But I worried for a moment if this crown with a picture of Elsa on it would be a little too kiddy for Jessica. Then I was reminded of her recent picture on instagram. It seemed like it’s okay to be silly with Jessica! Lol.

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Stay silly😜

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And as I thought deeper about the meaning behind this unique piece of tiara, the more I found it really suitable for her. Because Elsa, also known as The Snow Queen, has the magical ability to create and manipulate ice and snow in the Frozen movie which fits perfectly well with Jessica’s nickname “Ice Princess” which fans used to call her since her early debut days with SNSD. She got that nickname because of her seemingly cold outer looks but she is actually someone with a warm heart inside. In addition to this Elsa hairband which would be used for the artwork, I decided to get a metal tiara headband, also from The Green Party, as a little side gift for her too.

Detached the tiara centerpiece from the hair band.
Stuck it on on top of Jessica’s head on my drawing paper using superglue.
Then framed the whole artwork in a 3D frame.

More detail shots of the final framed artpiece! 📸

Only after my artwork was complete, I happened to be looking at Jessica’s instagram account and suddenly realised that her profile picture is a photo of her wearing a tiara. Could that be the reason why subconsciously I had the idea of adding a tiara on her head on my drawing too?

Jessica is also wearing a tiara in her Instagram profile picture!

My deepest impression of Jessica as a fan was her pulling her hair and saying “STRESS!” on one of the variety shows in the older days. The memories of the original 9-member SNSD with Jessica in it are precious to me. Especially those times during The Boys and I Got A Boy, I would call that period the Golden Era of Girls’ Generation. That was when all this magic began. Literally like the title of their debut song in 2007, that was when we all came in contact and stepped Into The New World. No matter what, I would still consider Jessica as a one true member of SNSD.

Back in 2014, while I was immensely sad over Jessica’s sudden forced departure from the group, I was actually still supportive and full of admiration of her chasing her dream in the fashion industry. Now established with her own brand “BLANC & ECLARE”, I’m happy that she still manages some time aside to release her own solo albums and continue her passion in singing.

Fighting for your upcoming new music in the making and all your future endeavours, Jessica! Jiayou, our Ice Princess Black Cat! 💪🏼😸👸🏼👑🌟

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