#50 Monthsary: Fly High, My Flying Piggie Nose Taeng

“My nostrils flare when I sing, so what? At least I can sing with a powerful, melodious voice and you can’t!”
Celeste’s rebuttal to anti-fan’s comment on behalf of Kim Taeyeon


This idea actually has been lurking around in my backup list of artwork ideas for months or even years since 2017. Recently, I suddenly missed doing those series of surrealism drawings of Taenggu that I used to do for a brief period in early 2017 where I would make fun of her certain body parts like…

…her feet


…her ears


…her butt


…her lips


And now, I want to make fun of her nose, likening it to the nose of a pig! Oink oink. LOL.

Interestingly, while looking for various sources to prepare for this writeup of my Flying Piggie Nose Taeng artwork, I found this instalive taken by Taenggu in September last year where there was a part when an anti-fan told her to stop singing because her nostrils look bigger when she does. And Taenggu’s reaction to this comment was really hilarious!

I think this anti-fan is simply blind. He/She has no idea how beautiful Taenggu’s flaring nostrils really are!

Her fans definitely appreciate and know this very well!

Fans even compare her cute round nostrils to the word “Google”. LOL.

Even Taenggu herself knows the beauty of her nostrils too. Recently, she seems to be boldly showing off her flaring nostrils a lot!

To the fan who later commented that “We even love your boogers”, yes that’s right! We even love seeing you picking your nose and flicking your boogers at us! LOLOLOL.

Taeyeon picking her nose on her Bern travelogue

Yes, please recruit me as a member of TaengKoMo too, Taenggu-ya!

I love her cute nose and nostrils so much that I just had to make this drawing happen! Not only did I want to draw her as a pig, I also want to add wings on her too so that she effectively transforms into a flying pig too, making the impossible possible. It’s like making the ang bao design that I made for her earlier in February into a real-life version. Keke.

I wanted to make this ang bao design I made for Taenggu during CNY this year into a real-life version too!

So below are the reference pictures I used for my drawing.

Love this cute and playful photo of Taenggu!
A cartoon flying pig image that I got from Google

I did the sketch over 2 days and then spent another night colouring it. I used what I deem as the easiest method of colouring – using watercolour pencils. Colour with the watercolour pencils first before spreading water over it with a brush. 🎨🖌

After the watercolours were dried, I added the words “Pigs can fly” (also my slogan and theme for my CNY 2019 Ang Baos. Read CNY RED PACKETS 2019: PIG YEAR OINK OINK) with my favourite metallic gold marker and we are done!

My final completed piece!

Hehe is it cute? 😍

So back to that anti-fan’s comment, what did that person actually mean when he/she said Taenggu’s nostrils look bigger when she sings? Recently I saw a fancam of her “UR” performance from her recent ‘s..one Taeyeon Encore Concert in Seoul last weekend which could possibly best portray this.

Isn’t she cute though? She devoted herself wholeheartedly into singing so much that she cared about her flaring nostrils no more and forgot the whole world around her. That powerful angelic voice of hers could easily take over all our hearts and make that two black round holes underneath her nose even more attractive to us. No, her flaring nostrils aren’t disturbing at all. They are the best portrayal of how much force she puts into singing. This is real power. 💪

탱구야, you have the cutest piggie nose in the world. That’s why I always love kissing your nose. Don’t worry about the haters, just flare your nostrils all you want! 🐽

I love you. AND HAPPY 50TH MONTHSARY! Oink oink. 🐖

P.S. Gonna double this up as a perfect upcoming April Fool’s Day drawing too! 😜

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