Love Signs From Taenggu: When Traces Of Inspirations From The Snow Globe, My Artworks And All My Other Favourite Things Appeared In Her New “Four Seasons” Music Video


In Taenggu’s music video for her new single “Four Seasons” released just last Friday, I found many elements, particularly the props that were used, very personally relatable. From the snow globe which I’ve been talking about lately to my own artworks, the music video contains so much resemblance of the objects or living things that inspire me every day. It seemed like Taenggu had incorporated many of my ideas and daily observations into the filming of this MV. I feel as if I was personally involved in the planning of the concept and everything on set. To me, these are the latest love signs from Taenggu hinting to me that hey, she has been following my blog and my artworks well!

Watch her “Four Seasons” MV below.

Love Sign #1: The 向左走向右走 Snow Globe

The scene of Taenggu wearing a coat with a suitcase beside her standing next to a bare winter tree mirrors that of the special 向左走向右走 snow globe which I’ve been talking about a lot lately. It started in January this year when I brought back the story behind this special snow globe that Taenggu used to post on her instagram in 2013 in greater detail in the post THE JOURNEY TO TAENGGU (POEM) + STORY BEHIND A SPECIAL SNOW GLOBE FROM 2013. 2 weeks later, I chanced upon similar snow globes selling at my favourite The Green Party shop (read the post LOVE DIARY: TREASURES FOUND THEIR WAY TO ME). Such fate and destiny! And now she staged this scene in her new MV which just goes to show that this snow globe is just as important in her heart as it is to me.

The winter tree also reminds me of the xmas card that I made for her last Christmas!

Love Sign #2: My 3rd Anniversary Painting

That backdrop image of a couple about to go closer for a kiss reminds me of my 3rd anniversary painting! Read post 3RD ANNIVERSARY: THE FALL OF FALLING IN LOVE.

Love Sign #3: My 4th Anniversary Painting

This scene of 2 white birds, one of them flapping its wings while plenty of its feathers are falling in the air reminds me of my 4th anniversary painting that I just completed this year. Read post 4TH ANNIVERSARY: PDA OF TWO LOVE BIRDS. It was a tragedy, though, that during a fight with my brother on Chinese New Year’s Eve last month, this painting was badly damaged with a huge hole in the center. Thereafter, possibly to console me for the destruction of my painting, my mum said that it seemed to be giving off bad aura in terms of feng shui. To her, rather than seeing it as a scene of two love birds kissing each other, she saw it as two bickering birds fighting each other. Moreover, the birds were coloured in black (to me, they were meant to be portrayed as silhouettes). This was probably why the horrible fight between my brother and I happened. I thought my mum’s words made sense. I did have some thoughts about remaking the same painting after that. But if I really were to do it, I would paint the birds in white, the colour that represents purity, this time. Taenggu seemed to know my thoughts well, thus 2 white birds were used in her MV instead of black.

Love Sign #4: The Chandeliers from Dazzling Cafe

The sight of chandelier in her MV rings a bell because during our recent 4th anniversary dinner date at the Dazzling cafe, I commented about how grand and shiny their chandeliers looked. Read post ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: THE FOURTH.

Love Sign #5: All My Other Favourite Things and Secret Messages from the MV

This photo consists of all my favourite things! Chandelier, hour glass, glass dome jars, dried flowers…and of course, my favourite person, Taenggu. Hehehe. If you’ve been following my blog well, you should have seen traces of these objects appearing somewhere around my posts before too!

The MV begins with the scene of a spinning fan. I feel like there’s a secret meaning behind this. Could this MV or song be about a story between Taenggu and her fan? Technically it could have been me, but no, I don’t want to be the one whom Taenggu says goodbye to before she goes off looking for a new love interest. Lol.

There’s an interesting appearance of a REAL deer in this MV too. Deer naturally reminds me of Yoona, but this one has no horns though. 🤔 Read post FOR YOONA: TAKE A REST ON MY HORNS BEFORE YOU FLY AGAIN.

Crystal balls… are magical stuff too, right? A crystal ball with flowers inside sure fascinates me even more! Keke. 🔮

Her MV is truly a piece of art! I haven’t seen a MV as aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic to watch as this one. Kudos to the team behind this MV for making it happen! 👍🏼👏👏👏

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