[Quote From Taeyeon] Fighting And Live For Your Dreams

꿈이 있으면 태도가 달라지고
비전을 품으면 머뭇거리지 않고
목적이 분명하면 방황하지 않습니다

특정한 사람만 그렇습니까?

아니, 지금 당신에게 그렇습니다.

Kim Taeyeon


English Translation by SonexStella

If you have a dream, your attitude changes
If you are incubating a vision, you don’t hesitate
If you have a clear purpose, you will not wander

Are only particular people like that?

No, it’s like that for you right now.


Chinese Translation / 翻译by ____litfive5

有梦想的话 态度也会变得不同
怀抱着蓝图的话 就不会踌躇不前
目标是明确的话 就不会感到旁徨


不, 现在对于你来说也是这样的.


Recently I read some snippets from the book “The 5AM Club” which talks about maximising productivity by adopting a revolutionary morning routine that includes waking up at 5am every day. I was so inspired that I started trying it too. Suddenly, my attitude changed. I was filled with an overpowering sense of purpose.

I managed to do it on the first week. I woke up early, maybe not 5am, but at least 6am onwards. After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I spent about an hour to do my favourite things like art (at that time, I was working on Taenggu’s birthday artwork) before having breakfast and getting ready to go to work.

While it felt good and refreshing to wake up early before anyone else, it had some challenges. Mainly because I felt my mind was kind of unstable and was like floating or shifting about in the air. I wasn’t able to inhabit clear thoughts. Moreover, as I was working alone in the kitchen while all my other family members were still sound asleep, the lights above me kept flickering mysteriously like my unstable mind. Yeah, it’s actually kind of scary but… what’s new? It wasn’t day one that I knew there is presence of strange energy or ghosts in our house.

Then, I realised the work I did early in the morning before the sun came out wasn’t as good or productive as those I did in the afternoon or at night. There was only so much I could do each morning, little by little, just to help me progress an inch forward.

But if there were any significant good change in me since the start of this year, it is that I’m beginning to set specific deadlines and schedules for my blog posts, especially those written for special occasions like monthsaries, birthdays and others with specific dates. I used to write and post my stories of my artworks only after the occasion was over, but now I’m making a conscious effort to start writing before the occasion and post it punctually on the day itself.

I did this same thing for our 49th monthsary last month – wrote the full description about the process of my monthsary artwork a few days before and scheduled to publish it promptly at 28th February midnight (read that post at #49 MONTHSARY: SHOOT MY HEART, CUPID TAENG). I guess my effort and initiative were recognised by Taenggu because the next morning she posted these words on her instastory.

Although her words of encouragement could apply to anyone who is also currently chasing and fighting for their dreams, it came timely to me who needed to find strength and affirmation while I juggle between my passion and a full-time job just to earn a living.

Later on, I wrote my reflections about Taenggu’s words in an instagram post below. While I recognised the importance of continuing my passion which I truly feel strongly for and was working hard for it amidst the challenges, I wrote that I actually did not have definite goals in mind.

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Wise, encouraging words from Taenggu to anyone who is fighting for their dreams right now. This came especially timely to me who has been working extra hard lately on various aspects of life, mainly love, health, happiness and passion while also juggling with hectic demands at work to earn me a living in order to allow me to continue doing these other things which I truly love and feel passionate about. What's life… is life all about running in circles? What is my ultimate goal? In fact, I don't really know. But I know I just gotta keep doing what I love coz Taenggu tells me to. Is it have to go that extra mile, sacrifice sleep time, overcome that pain in my mind, heart and body, forget sadness and anger and just keep doing what I do without expecting anything in return… And I will…see the light at the end of the tunnel one day? 🔦⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #太妍 #泰妍 #泰古 #wisewordsfromtaenggu #quotes #dreams #vision #purpose #dontwannabe #stuckatwaiting #fightformydreams

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A few hours after my instagram post was published online, Taenggu responded with the following 2 instastories with only emoticons and symbols, no words.

While it could be puzzling to others without knowing the context and explanation of what she meant by those emoticons, I felt personally connected and could interpret what she was trying to say. I then wrote a separate instagram post about my own interpretation of her mysterious instastories below.

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One thing that Taenggu taught me: It's good to set goals even if they are small. It's so true. I already feel that sense of achievement even if it's just ticking a simple item off my checklist. (And yes, feelings of coziness is important to me too! ㅋㅋ) ⁣ ⁣ 2 weeks ago, on 2nd March, I made an Instagram post sharing the encouraging words from Taenggu to anyone who is fighting for their dreams. At that time I wrote that while I was working hard to continue my passion while juggling with work to earn a living, I actually did not have definite goals in mind. After that post of mine, Taenggu posted 2 pieces of instastory with just signs and emoticons, no words. It could be puzzling to others without knowing the context. But to me, it was pretty clear what she meant.⁣ ⁣ For me, as a person with schizophrenia stuck in between the physical and spiritual worlds with my broken mind easily exposed to both good and bad energies and spirits yet wants to take advantage of the good sides of this illness, is like the girl drinking poison, risking my life to fulfil what I see as my soul purpose. All I want to do is to get good energy to gain inspirations and ideas to do my art and write and ultimately enjoy life while I am still living. After all, life isn't all about the endless chase after fame and money, isn't it?⁣ ⁣ To achieve my dream of having a fulfilling life and happiness, that's where Taenggu says that setting a goal is important. The point where my goal flag is, when and how will I get there? 🏁⁣ ⁣ #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #太妍 #泰妍 #泰古 #wisewordsfromtaenggu #lessonsfromtaenggu #signsandsymbols

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I was also reminded of a part in one of her instalives late last year where she said it’s good to set goals for yourself even if they are small to which I completely agreed and learned from her.

My goals may not need to be as big as earning how many million of dollars or having how many houses in my possession. They could be something as small (or not considered that important to many others in modern days) as meeting my true love, getting happy over the smallest things in life or ticking a simple task off my checklist which already gives me that sense of achievement whenever I do.

Should I feel ashamed at myself for having small goals? According to Taenggu… No.

By doing bit by bit, little by little, we shall and we will reach that ultimate biggest goal. Let’s believe we can. 💪🏼💜

2 thoughts on “[Quote From Taeyeon] Fighting And Live For Your Dreams

  1. Being a 28-yr-old young professional working my ass off in a big corporate while chasing my dreams part-time, I find your article resonates very well with my personal struggles and beliefs.

    $ was never the 1st priority and there are too many wonderful things to do and accomplish in this planet and universe. Yet, life-time is very limited and choices are difficult to make. “will I ever reach my goals?” “which dream on my list has the highest priority to pursue?” “will I survive if I really go all-in?” “will I let my family down?” “am I too naive?” “will people even understand and love me?”

    I guess the lesson learned from your article and Taeyeon’s short video is that never doubt too much about your dream. Just do it and celebrate milestones (no matter big or small) achieved along the way. Clap for yourself and make sure you are happy. Even if the final result is not as expected, you still had fun and learned the experience and lived your life to the fullest. There’s no absolute right or wrong in this world, only perspectives and settings. A “bad”/”wrong” thing right here right now could be a very “good”/”right” thing at some place and some time in the future.

    Thank you for your content and let’s keep fighting and shining!

    1. Hello! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me in such a lengthy comment! Appreciate it so much 🙏

      I could totally understand and agree so much with what you shared. If I hadn’t quit my job last year, I would have also been a 28-year old professional working in a big corporate now exactly like you! But now I decided to pursue my dreams full-time and it definitely hasn’t been easy ever since. There are so many risks involved and I need so much courage to move each and every step forward even if the outcomes are not always very positive and encouraging. But like what you said, I guess all that matters at the end is that I had fun in the process!

      Hehe so don’t give up too! All the best and fighting on achieving your goals and dreams whatever they are!
      Thank you and take great care! ❤️

      – Celeste

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