Taenggu’s 31st Birthday Special: A Day At An Enchanted Garden With Harry Potter And Italian Food

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It was already planned since the start of January that I would be spending Taenggu’s birthday, which falls on 9th March, in Perth with my family. Somehow I had an intuition that I would not be able to celebrate her birthday on the actual day itself as liberally as I would want to while travelling overseas. So what I did was to celebrate it a week earlier in advance while I was still in Singapore.

The plan was to bring her to a café named Enchanted for an early dinner before attending a movie orchestra concert of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at the Esplanade. There was a reason why I chose Enchanted café for our dinner date. It was meant to be related to her birthday artwork which I was still busy working on for her. At that time when my final artwork wasn’t revealed yet, I hoped she could get the hint that my artwork was going to be an enchanted garden themed. Hehe. (you can see the final artwork at Taeyeon Day 2019: That Beautiful Mystical Girl Who Lives In My Mind Garden)

On 2nd March, I arrived at Enchanted Café at around 5pm. It was a pretty small café but very beautifully decorated with enchanting stuff, staying true to its name.

As I walked towards the row of tables next to the window, I noticed 3 different characters on each chair in front of the 3 tables. Left side was a picture of Mister Kitty, middle was Mister Bunny and right side was Mister Deer. Lol. Who shall I choose as my date of the night?? Without hesitating at all, I sat down at the middle one. Yes, Mister Bunny it shall be. My Taenggu Bunny, Bobo must have had transformed into this Mister Bunny character on the chair for me, I imagined. 🐰

More photos of the cafe interiors.

The menu.

I ordered Bonito x Smoked Salmon Toast and a pot of tea named The Enchantress Potion (simply coz it sounded enchanting). 😆

Noticed there was a butterfly at the top of the teapot!

Hehe there were 3 hints about my artwork that appeared during my visit to the Enchanted cafe so far: first, garden theme; second, bunny; third, butterfly. 😉

Now, a whole series of my selfies of me drinking tea or just plain smiling for the camera. 📸

Tea for you? ㅋㅋ

Time spent at the cafe was pretty short because I had to rush off at around 6.15pm to the Esplanade to make it in time for the movie orchestra concert at 7pm. It was pity that I couldn’t have time to get a cake for Taenggu too as a gesture to celebrate her birthday.

My bill 😆

After footing the bill, off I went in a hurry to The Esplanade. I managed to get seated inside the theatre about 5-10 minutes before 7. My seat was located at one of the very first few rows in front of the stage. Although I couldn’t get the full view of the whole orchestra, what really mattered was I could clearly see the full screen which the movie was going to be projected on.

[But why since the moment I sat down in the theatre, my body started to feel really stiff and tensed throughout the whole concert? It was difficult to even breathe… 😰]

The orchestra came out onstage when the movie concert was about to commence.

As photography and videography were not allowed when the concert was ongoing, I was totally focused on watching the movie. Believe it or not, it was actually my very first time watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I always knew Taenggu is a die-hard fan of Harry Potter. I had always wanted to watch Harry Potter movies just to understand what exactly made Taenggu fall in love with Harry Potter so much, but I just didn’t manage to find the free time and energy to. So when I heard about this Harry Potter movie cum orchestra concert, I knew my opportunity was here.

The idea behind this concert was that while the movie is playing onscreen, the orchestra would concurrently play the soundtrack live that corresponds to the various scenes in the movie.

But honestly, as my eyes were too glued to the screen the whole time, I almost forgot about the existence of the orchestra onstage. The music that the orchestra played was so perfectly timed to each scene in the movie that I couldn’t tell the difference if the music was actually produced by the orchestra or from the original movie itself. Haha that’s still a compliment to the orchestra in a way. Fortunately our focus was returned back to the orchestra itself only after the movie ended as they continued to play a pretty long piece as the ending credits were rolling out.

As for the movie, I enjoyed it completely! Haha I especially loved Dumbledore and Professor Lupin. I loved the story. It helped that I used to read the first book in the Harry Potter series as a kid before so I roughly knew about Harry’s background story even though I didn’t watch from the first movie. After watching this third sequel, I felt more eager to watch the others too!

Some selfies I took during the intermission. By the way, there was totally no internet connection inside the theatre! 😵

After the concert, I felt really thirsty so I got myself a cup of iced milo dinosaur to drink at Coffee & Toast at Citylink before we officially ended our day.

Ending my date night with Taenggu with a cup of iced milo dinosaur! 😋

On the next day, which was a Sunday, feeling bad that I didn’t get Taenggu a cake at the cafe the day before, I got her a slice of green tea mille crepe from Lady M. As my mum was at home in the living room watching TV at that time and I didn’t want her to think I am weird celebrating no one’s birthday alone, I secretly lighted up a candle in the kitchen and sang a birthday song for Taenggu really softly in front of her birthday artwork which I had just completed earlier that same day. As I seemed to get the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to do this on her actual birthday in Perth, it was now or never.

On the following week, I flew to Perth as planned. I actually didn’t plan my itinerary at all. My sis told me I didn’t have to. My mum and I relied on my sis and her boyfriend to bring us around the city as they both had been there for some time and were more familiar with navigating around.

We only met her boyfriend on our third night. It was Friday, 8th March, a day before Taenggu’s birthday. He suggested to bring us to a pretty popular Italian restaurant called Ciao Italia somewhere near the city. Indeed, the restaurant was already full-house and many groups of people were waiting in queue outside when we arrived. We had to wait for about 30-45 minutes before we could get a table inside.

It was very crowded both inside and outside of Ciao Italia restaurant!
A group selfie as we waited patiently for our turn and also for my sis’s boyfriend to arrive.

I was pretty excited when we finally got inside. It was my first time in an Italian restaurant in a western country that looks really authentic! Look at those in-house decor, western chefs baking pizzas in a traditional brick oven together with some Italian music! I felt as if I had been transported to Italy right now. Hahaha.

What we had that night: pizza, pasta, and more pastaaaaaa! 😆

I was introduced to Ginger Beer by my sis’s boyfriend. It seems pretty common in the restaurants in Australia and I loved it!

Ginger Beer that tastes like a sweet fizzy soft drink

One special thing that delighted me the most was that the birthday song was played many times every once in a while (at least 4-5 times that night). It seemed that there were many people who happened to celebrate their birthdays at the restaurant on the same day too! I felt like it was a sign from Heaven telling me that here’s my precious chance to celebrate Taenggu’s birthday if I really want to! …But how? How to do it without my family knowing that I actually want to celebrate for a birthday girl whom I love the most for real?

When we first came into the restaurant, my sis’s boyfriend told us their tiramisu cake here is legendary and a must-try so we ordered one for sure. In between, I kept asking my family if we could pretend it’s someone’s birthday among us so that we could get the restaurant staff to play that birthday song for us too. At first, they were like, “Yeah, why not?” But when we requested for the cake to be served to our table after we finished the main course later on, they were like, “Aiyah, don’t want lah.” (meaning they don’t want to do it) I instantly felt sad that what could have been a little ‘secret’ surprise birthday celebration for Taenggu was going down the drain.

Then, a miracle happened.

The moment when the cake was served to us, the birthday song began to play, but it was for another table. Realising this was my golden opportunity, I quickly filmed this moment down on my phone, pretending the song was actually played for me (or Taenggu) instead. And believe it or not, when the song ended, my maximum phone memory for video recording was also exhausted and it stopped filming at that perfect moment automatically.

Yes, it was a divine intervention for sure. I couldn’t have done that on my own. It was obvious that I hadn’t planned anything for this to happen at all. All I did was just go with the flow. This was yet another astounding proof that everything has already been planned and well taken care of by Heaven.

The LEGENDARY tiramisu cake as coined by my sis’s boyfriend
One last group photo to end off the memorable night with!

Taenggu-ya, hope you were really happy celebrating your 31st (or 30th by international age) birthday this year! Look at how all the angels in Heaven were celebrating it for you by making all these miracles happen despite all the challenges!

Once again, a HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO YOU, MY DEAR! Muacks. 😘

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