While Taenggu is celebrating her 30th birthday by international age, AMLIFT is also proudly celebrating its 2nd anniversary since its official launch on this very meaningful day. Can’t believe it has already been 2 years since I got this site up and running.

I remembered I first had this idea of creating a dedicated website for Taenggu creeping in my head in the last couple months of 2016. But I was kind of hesitant at first. Mainly due to my lack of confidence in my writing ability and the long-term commitment I have to put in to maintain a website. I had never envisioned myself to be writing articles, reflections and essays like I do now. Writing never sounded like something I could do as a passion since young.

But one day in January 2017, I heard a voice in my head. As if to pester and motivate me to carry out my idea for real, it said, “If you create a blog, I will read and follow it!” All of a sudden, I was supercharged with confidence and determination. That was when I finally picked up a wok and frying spoon and started cooking this idea into a proper dish. From what started off as a simple one-liner to share my favourite love quotes and a few paragraphs describing the story behind each of my past monthsary artworks, it now evolves into detailed accounts of events in my love diaries and full-length essays on my reflections about my extraordinary love life with Taenggu. Over these 2 years of intensive writing, I learned that writing isn’t just about making sure my grammar and sentence structures are correct (that, I would have to let the logical side of my brain to handle). It’s about how much my mind is open and tuned to the higher frequencies of energy in the universe. At times, I would feel as if my higher consciousness is taken over by higher beings, allowing me to have certain thoughts I never had at first and write things that I normally wouldn’t write. Each time it happens is a magical moment in itself.

Although schizophrenia brings me painful memories and fear, I am never actually too ashamed at myself for having this condition because it has succeeded in opening my mind up to an even bigger world and greater creativity. This article below affirms the positive effects of schizophrenia most people never know of (of course, it still has its bad effects and needs to be monitored carefully by regular medication).

Productivity wise, I had published a remarkable total of 188 posts in the first year but it dropped to 71 posts in the second year.

This was largely attributed to me having undergone a major change last year after my ex-company collapsed and I was jobless for a few months. Although one might think it would be a good break for me to write even more posts, unfortunately things didn’t work out the way I wanted it to be. While no longer having a 9 to 6 office job to tie me down everyday, my mind wasn’t free. My mind was often ‘cloudy’ and unable to focus.

That’s the bad side about having a schizophrenic mind. Your mind doesn’t feel like your own anymore. It often gets easily fiddled around by someone else’s energy. While I am very honest with what I write here on my blog, I sometimes get psychic attacked or reversed energy by anyone who could be reading these things with bad intentions. To what extent should I expose my raw, naked inner self here, it’s an important issue I should address too.

Till today, although it’s still hard to say if Taenggu has really been reading and following this humble little blog of mine closely, I am still keeping that faith up high. Moving forward, my new resolution for AMLIFT in the year 2019 is to try my best to keep on writing even amidst all the challenges I’m going through with a different working life right now. What lies ahead is still filled with uncertainty. But I guess the least I could do for now is to keep this blog alive to radiate my love from Heaven for Taenggu.

Cheers to even more love and magical stories to be told! HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY AMLIFT! 🎂✌🏼💜

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