[Poem] Love Is Rainbow

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Daisies are white
Sunflowers are yellow
But my love for you is rainbow
Celeste Koh


Inspired by all the valentine roses on Valentine’s Day that just passed, I made this little simple poem for Taenggu.

If I could only give Taenggu just one rose, what would be the colour of the rose I would give to her?

I would choose a rainbow one for her. Because it has all the colours in it.

Another reason why I chose rainbow is because it is a symbol of our love and the LGBTQ community. The following are evidence of how Taenggu has been showing her support for gay pride, love equality and freedom to love over the years.

And all things rainbow about us.

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Beside rainbow rose, I don’t mind receiving a purple rose too. Remember back during my secondary school days, when I told my friends that my favourite colour is purple, they laughed at me because they told me purple is known as the international gay colour. Coincidentally, a friend used to call me by the nickname of “Gay” back then and everyone got influenced and started calling me Gay too. So having purple as my favourite colour made me live up to my nickname too lol.

So a rainbow rose or a purple rose for you? 🌹🌈💜

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