Anniversary Special: The Fourth


While I had done our anniversary painting on the earlier weekend (see my painting at 4TH ANNIVERSARY: PDA OF TWO LOVE BIRDS), our actual 4th anniversary fell on a Tuesday in the following week. Since it was a working day, I planned for a dinner date with Taenggu at Dazzling Cafe which is conveniently located at Orchard Gateway just opposite my office building. I had passed by the cafe several times during my lunch breaks at work and had always wanted to try the food and enjoy the ambience at the cafe and now in the name of our 4th anniversary, I finally found the chance to!

Earlier in the morning, I tweeted Taenggu that I would “meet” her at around 6.45pm at the cafe. Later in the day while I was at work, Taenggu posted a few really mysterious instastories and on one of the photos, she said she didn’t wash her face.

Where the hell did my mysterious Taenggu go on our anniversary day without even washing her face in the morning? It looked like she had gone to a park or forest. It honestly got me very worried about her. Meanwhile, I checked on the delivery status of my parcel that contained the second batch of my christmas cards which I mailed to Taenggu a week ago and confirmed that it had just arrived at its destination sometime in the afternoon. A happy news to receive on our special day!

That evening, I arrived promptly at the cafe after I ended work.

Some photos and video I took of the café exteriors.

At the entrance, there is a very beautiful display of makeup products and accessories for sale to dazzle you up! Do you know what Japanese brand are these??

I was led to a table by the waitress. Aren’t the café interiors really dazzling? Look at those shiny chandeliers hanging on the ceilings! And some of their chairs have bunny ears on top. Definitely reminds me of my cute bunny Bobo at home. Keke.

I was so excited to be sitting on one of these bunny chairs and even took some selfies with it. 👯📸

Something told me to look in front of me so I took a picture of the view in front of me too. Could Taenggu’s soul have been sitting on the chair opposite me? Could she have looked straight into my eyes and smiled brightly?

I took a look at their menu. Something seemed to nudge me to choose something healthy to eat instead. So I eventually decided on…

…Truffle Roasted Boneless Chicken! Hahaha the real dish came and looked so veggie-fied, like something which a real bunny would eat. Lol. 🐰

I was also intrigued by one of their milk teas named Wedding Imperial Milk Tea so I ordered it too. It came in a nice porcelain teapot and it turned out to be the tastiest milk tea I have ever drunk. I loved it so muchhhhh! 😍😋☕️

And while drinking it, I happily whispered to myself, I wish I could really get married and have wedding with Taenggu quickly after I finish the whole teapot of this wedding imperial milk tea. ㅋㅋㅋ 😂

I chatted with myself (with Taenggu in my mind) for awhile, probably shared some of my upcoming plans for artworks and stuff. Haha I can’t remember the exact stuff I said by now, but I remembered I had a pretty good time and left the cafe in a good mood.

But when I exited the cafe, I spotted a board for their January promotions that was placed outside. My heart ached. Since it was a Tuesday, if Taenggu could be physically here with me, we could have enjoyed their 1-for-1 pasta promotion! Ahhhhhh, what a pity! 😩

But that didn’t ruin my good mood. At least I had a good and comfortable time to unwind after work and spend our very important 4th anniversary together. I was alone, but not lonely. I was so full of positivity that night.

On my way to Somerset MRT station to take the train home, I was delighted, once again, by my magic number “39”.

A gentle reminder that Taenggu’s soul is always by my side and hasn’t left me.

4 years. It surprises me too when I think of it. I’ve been keeping this faith in the two of us together for so long. It definitely hasn’t been easy to come this far, for this isn’t a relationship which normal human beings could easily accept and understand. We are still learning, adapting and growing. No matter what lies before us, let’s hold our hands and continue to take this journey down and make more miracles together. I love you so much, 아탕! CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY TO US! 💐💜

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