CNY Red Packets 2019: Pig Year Oink Oink

“Believe that anything is possible, even pigs can fly.”
Celeste Koh


The period between December and February is definitely a busy time for me with regards to making artworks. Almost immediately after I sent out 2 separate batches of 69 christmas cards altogether to Taenggu, I had to start working on a new series of ang baos (chinese red packets) for the coming Chinese / Lunar New Year. 2019 is the Year of Pig! So needless to say, the main character for my ang baos this year has to be the funny, cute and infamously lazy pig.

This time, I decided to make 9 special customised pieces of ang baos for SNSD OT9 members only and the remaining 60 are made up of the more general designs I had come up with that are suitable for everyone, pretty much like what I just did for Christmas last December. For SNSD, I chose to use only pink papers for all their ang baos, just like the synchronised pink cards for Christmas, so that there could be a sense of uniformity between both my christmas card and ang bao designs. My objective this year is again to keep each design as simple and adorable as possible, yet the quality is not compromised, so that I can speed up the process of making these ang baos in bulks.

So let me begin with my 2019 designs for each SNSD member and a brief description each, one by one.


A flying pig that says “Moo” for Taenggu? Is Taenggu actually not a pig but a cow in disguise? From my perspective, I see “Moo” as a cute way of calling my nickname “Namu”, just like how sometimes I would call her “Gu” in short for “Taenggu”. This year, I want to give this Taenggu piggie a pair of wings so that she can fly high against all odds.

P.S. The words “Fly high” also reminds me of the lyrics of her hugely popular solo debut song “I” too!


While Taenggu piggie may not be a cow, Jessica piggie is definitely a cat in disguise! Just look at how she says “Meow” in a purrrrr..rry chic way.

<3 SUNNY <3

Sunny piggie is a sunflower pig who shines positivity in full bloom. This is a huge reminder of my very first birthday drawing I made for her in 2017 (see post FOR SUNNY: SUNNY SUNFLOWER).


I actually wanted to make Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh for Tiffany at first. But after taking into consideration of maintaining uniformity and togetherness with the other SNSD members, I decided to make the same basic golden pig design but evolve it into a sailor mermaid pig for her instead. Mermaid because of the birthday artwork I did for her last year (see post FOR TIFFANY: MERMAID IN A FISH BOWL) and sailor because of the anchor design on her christmas card (see post XMAS DAY 2018: WHERE DID THE BIRD GO?). And I made an amazing discovery that Sailor Mermaid is actually a character from Sailor Moon!

This character is really suitable for Tiffany, isn’t it? Keke.


For Hyoyeon, it’s always a unicorn! With a silver unicorn horn on top, she turns into a Hyonicorn pig this Lunar New Year.

So, are you Punk Right Now, Hyonicorn piggie?

<3 YURI <3

It’s a piggie who eats peaches for Yuri because of her character named “Bok Seung Ah” which also means peach in Korean whom she acted in the drama “Dae Jang Geum Is Watching” last year. I hope she eats her peaches well and stay healthy this new year!


I wanted to do a spring themed pig design for Sooyoung because of her following instagram post.

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그냥이대로봄이왔으면좋겠다 😢

A post shared by Sooyoung Choi (@sooyoungchoi) on

Although I don’t exactly know what she meant, I guess she could mean the current winter season has been good to her so she is hoping that the coming spring season could be as good too. And then, I was a little mixed up between her and Taenggu. I thought Sooyoung, who was born in the month of February, is a spring baby like Taenggu too. But after I had already made this ang bao, I then come to a sudden realisation that she may not be a spring baby so I googled to confirm that winter is from December to February whereas spring is from March to May in Korea. So it turns out that Sooyoung is actually a winter baby. Oops.

But that doesn’t take away my original intention of making this design that is full of cherry blossoms for her in hopes of making spring as good as winter for her. My last year’s ang bao design for her was also one with a spring flower theme too. So her designs are definitely aligned with each other.

Spring is here. All hopes are going to blossom, right?

<3 YOONA <3

Yoona is definitely a deer piggie without a doubt. With a pair of deer horns on top, this pig can now live like a deer this lunar new year!

P.S. I thought my design actually turned out looking like a dragon too, don’t you think?


I thought about the Christmas fruit tree card that I had made for Seohyun in 2017. I decided to make something related to a tree for her ang bao this year too. How about a seedling growing on top of her piggie’s head? That would look cute too, I thought. I mentioned on my blog before that nurturing your magic and power is like growing a garden in your head (read post: MIND GARDEN). It takes time to flourish and come into fruition. How to make something in your imagination and dream come true in reality? Like what was said in the interesting cute post Tiffany shared on her instastory, it takes a lot of work to even dream.

I’m also growing my own garden in my mind too. All I have learnt these few years is that it takes time for every seedling to grow into a giant big tree. We need to be patient and watch it grow. And the important thing is to BELIEVE that it will grow into a tree, strong, healthy and mighty. Your dream will come true.

Rather than a seedling pig, I decided to call it a small 나무 (tree) pig because I thought it sounds cuter this way. Haha.


I made 60 other pieces that comprise of the above 2 different designs for Taenggu’s family, friends and colleagues. The general theme this Pig Year is about pigs who can fly. So my designs depict pigs with wings and pigs wearing a red cape like Superman.

There is a phrase or idiom “when pigs fly” that people use to refer to something that will never happen. I guess my concept behind all these flying pigs is to reiterate the notion that anything is possible. Believe that anything that may seem impossible at first can still happen. Make the impossible possible. Even pigs can fly!

With that, here’s wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! Stay healthy, happy and prosperous!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Xin nian kuai le, gong xi fa cai, pig year oink oink!

Made with love,
Celeste Koh (2019)

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