4th Anniversary #1: PDA Of Two Love Birds

“Without love, we are birds with broken wings.”
“Let the raindrops kiss the rose petals. Let the sunshine kiss your rosy cheeks. Let the nightingale sing welcome songs. It’s the season of love and romance. Let’s twitter like two love lorn-love birds and kiss away each other’s pain.”
Smita Sharma Dabas


It’s the time of the year for me to go Arteastiq to paint again because it’s our 4TH ANNIVERSARY today! Can’t believe we have already spent 4 years together! To commemorate this very important milestone of our relationship, just like for the previous years, I made it a point to make a new painting that could possibly reflect how the past one year of our relationship had been like and also project how our coming new year could be like as well!

Since feather was a main theme of my christmas cards for SNSD in 2018 (see post: Xmas Day 2018: Where Did The Bird Go?), I wanted to have feathers featured in our painting of 2019 as well, just like I had an autumn leaf for 2018’s painting (see post: 3rd Anniversary: The Fall Of Falling In Love). Then, I thought about transforming ourselves into a pair of love birds this time kissing each other in mid-air.

In fact, this scene of 2 birds kissing each other while flying in mid-air was something I had witnessed in real life. There was one morning last year when I just left my house and was walking on the road, there were some birds walking around on the ground. Then all of a sudden, 2 particular birds flew up in the air, cutting my path and kissed each other with their beaks right in front of my eyes. It was such a magical sight to behold! I felt so inspired by what I had just seen that I promised myself that I would make this love birds kissing scene into an art piece one day. And my opportunity finally came in the form of our anniversary painting this year!

And so, I went ahead with putting together my own design for this painting with some reference of online pictures I found (e.g. samples of birds kissing, how to draw feathers floating in mid-air to portray intense feelings of a passionate kiss between two love birds, what kind of colours should I use for the background etc). I decided to name this “PDA of Two Love Birds”. PDA because it was a term I recently used to describe my terrapins at home who were seen stroking each other’s faces that looked like a really cute and cheeky form of “public display of affection” to us.

So last weekend, I spent approximately 2.5 hours at Arteastiq to make this idea come to life. As compared to previous years, I felt more calm, less stressed and more patient. I accepted the fact that my drawings and paintings don’t have to be perfect all the time. Even though I was uncertain if my painting would turn out well, I just needed to take my first step and give it a try. Even if there would be mistakes, you can always find ways to fix them or learn from them and move on. Just like life, it’s all about trials and errors.

Just before I got started – a selfie and a video of the crowded studio and my blank canvas.

And when I finally finished my painting at a much quicker than expected time of less than 2.5 hours (maximum time per art jamming session is 3 hours), I was very pleased and satisfied with the result!

A quick glance at the paintings others were doing versus mine. 💜

More closeup shots of the details on my painting.

I had previously talked about my special affinity with birds on my instagram 2 years back.

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One of the things I noticed about Taenggu is she seems to like birds too. I saw some photos on her instagram about birds, as if she knows something special about birds from me too, making me feel so close to her. I don't remember if I actually shared my personal story about birds with her before, but I remember sometimes whenever I see 2 birds flying past together, I would exclaim to her, "Hey, that's a pair of couple birds!" . Back in 2013, when I was stricken with schizophrenia and thought I was chased after by evil spirits, my father brought me to a temple to see a monk. The monk took a look at me and smiled as if I was okay.. He said this spirit was good and strong, and I didn't actually have to worry too much. But I didn't believe it coz my experiences were getting more and more bizarre each day. But he still chanted a prayer for me anyway. After he finished, he asked, "Do you remember seeing birds eating rice on the ground?" I answered, "No, I don't remember." And he said nothing after that. But his question still puzzles me till today. Since then, after I recovered, whenever I see birds outside, I would recall what the monk said to me and think probably I might have some special connections with birds too. So sometimes when I walk past a bird, I would even say hello or 안녕! As if the bird is my friend. The 4th one (swipe left) is a video from her recent performance in Vancouver where she said she likes chubby birds. Hahaha so cute. And the last one was my own one when I had a bird visitor in my house. 😍 Don't you think Taenggu and I seem to share the same special affinity with birds too? #bird #새야 #specialconnection #fate #affinity #animals #taeyeon #태연 #탱구

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It’s true for a long time whenever I see two birds flying together high up in the air, I would feel excited and think they are a pair of bird couple. I think it is a really romantic sight. Same goes for butterflies. If I see two butterflies flying together, I would think they are butterfly couple.

If there’s a next lifetime, I want to be bird lovers with Taenggu so we can fly everywhere freely together and have the whole world under our feet. And we can kiss and have PDA like nobody’s business, just like the two birds I saw that one fine, magical day.

HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY TO YOU, 탱구야! 우리 오래가자! 사랑해!! 🐦💜🐦

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