#45 Monthsary: Taenggu Is Batman

“I’m… Batman.”
Taeyeon (Girls For Rest, 2018)
“I’m vengeance. I’m the night. I’m Batman!”


I specially planned to make this Taenggu Batman drawing in this month of October 2018 because it was the month of Halloween. I thought it was a good idea to have Taenggu disguised or dressed up as Batman like a Halloween costume.

But why Batman?

It was because of an episode of SNSD-Oh!GG “Girls For Rest” reality show which was filmed in France earlier that same year. There was one particular scene where Taenggu suddenly admitted she is Batman out of the blue after a dinner with the girls at night when she was in a sleepy state. 😴

It made me feel so happy for many days after watching this scene because I felt like it was related to my Halloween 2017 post about my No-Face Batman drawing (see the post Halloween 2017 #2: Who’s This Anonymous No-Face Batman?). In that post, I talked about how there was an anonymous Batman who mysteriously stood up for me when I had an unpleasant transaction on Carousell.

At the end of my post, I asked a question:

Who knows almost a year later I would finally confirm my answer and belief that the secret Batman was indeed Taenggu via this genuine moment in Girls For Rest? I now understand why out of all superhero cards that I made in the past 2 years, only the Batman ones are not sold. Because the Batman ones belong to her. Lol.

It was this joy of seeing Taenggu’s confession that motivated me to do this drawing in dedication to her for being that dark knight superhero of my life.

My reference photos I used for my drawing:

Work in progress photos and video (pencil sketching, painting with watercolours and outlining with black marker):

Isn’t Taenggu the prettiest Batman we have ever known? Hope you liked this artwork which I personally felt proud of! Hahaha. Be my Batman, 탱구야! 🦇

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