#44 Monthsary: King Taeyeon

“To love the king is not bad, but a king who loves you is better.”
Wolof Proverb


Sometimes when I work on a new idea for our monthsary artwork every month, it could lead me to an unexpected discovery of a new fact about Taenggu and even myself. September 2018’s artwork was a good example of when this situation happened.

It started off as an inspiration after seeing Taenggu change her bio to address herself as KING. She made this change when she was here in Singapore for Hallyu Pop Fest concert earlier that month.

Taenggu’s new bio as of September 2018

Or it could also mean NOT King because of the strikethrough, but I chose to interpret it the other way because it is a popular fact among TY fans that we would sometimes fondly call her KIM KING TAEYEON too. Here are evidence why Taenggu is a King, no doubt.

I somehow had the idea of doing an artwork to feature Taenggu as a King on a poker card. But I faced a problem. There are 4 different types of King in a full set of poker cards: King of Spades, King of Hearts, King of Clubs and King of Diamonds. Which kind of King should I make Taenggu be?

In an attempt to answer my question, I decided to do some research on google. And that’s when I realised that Taenggu’s birthday belongs to Ace of Spades! From what I read, Ace of Spades is known to be the most powerful card in a full poker card set (Sorry I’m a noob when it comes to poker card games). At the same time, I also found out that my own birthday falls under King of Hearts!

You can find out how your poker card could reveal about your character according to your birthday just like your horoscope in the webpages below:

Enter your birthday to find out your card: https://www.metasymbology.com/whatsyourcard.html
About Ace of Spades person: https://thecardsoflife.com/ace-of-spades-person/
About King of Hearts person: https://thecardsoflife.com/king-of-hearts-person/
About King of Spades person: https://thecardsoflife.com/king-of-spades-person/

However, in order to adhere to my original theme of this month’s artwork which is “King Taeyeon”, instead of drawing her as Ace of Spades which she rightfully belongs to, I decided to draw her as King of Spades. And now, she and I are King of Spades and King of Hearts respectively. We are both Kings now.

The reference photos that I had used for my drawing.

Some of my process photos and video of making this artwork come to life! Just like my Taengkerbell artwork in the previous month (#43 Monthsary: Taengkerbell), this one was pretty fun (and relatively easy) to make too!

I used the help of a tracing paper to draw for this.

Then I used thin colour markers to outline and fill in the colours of the poker card.

And TA-DA, it was done! Here’s the scan copy of the final raw version of my drawing without the additional digital edits.

HAPPY 44TH MONTHSARY 킹탱구! Hope you like the concept of this artwork and the new fact you found out about ourselves! All hail the King!!

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