#43 Monthsary: Taengkerbell

“You can be my Tinkerbell and I can be your Peter Pan then we can fly away together off to Neverland.”
“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!”


This idea quickly came after Taenggu had her first ever Kakao open group chat on 25 August 2018 with the first 300 lucky fans who managed to get in after guessing her secret code correctly. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them. Read my below instagram post to find out what happened.

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Yesterday I went for a 6.5km walkathon event in the morning. Came back home at around 4pm. I was too tired so I took a nap and woke up naturally 2 hours later and then saw Taenggu's new instastory posted just 6 minutes ago. She revealed that she had just set up a Kakao Open Group Chat that was limited to only 300 participants. I opened my KakaoTalk app that was unused for a very, very long time (or should I say, it was never used before 😅) to search for her Open GC and saw that there were already 150+ people in it but the GC required a password to get in. Awhile later, Taenggu gave a hint to the password in her next instastory (see 2nd video in this gallery). Being a lousy guesser, I thought it was 123 but still couldn't get in. Fans later revealed that the correct password was "0321". 😝😓 But by then, it was too late, the GC was already full. Oh wells, fated but not destined.I told Taenggu that I failed to get in and a voice replied in dismay, "argh, it's a curse." . But it was so nice that the fans who were in the GC took screenshots of Taenggu's texts and shared them publicly on social media from time to time. And there were translators who actively translated all her Korean texts into English so that international fans could understand what she said (those featured in this gallery were only some of her first few texts in the GC but there were several others more). So it was still fine that even though I didn't manage to get into her GC, I still could read and understand what she texted inside. 😍 Thanks Taenggu for taking such an initiative to create this GC to interact and get up close and personal with all of us! And also the lucky fans who were in the GC and the translators for sharing and helping the rest of us out! 감사합니다 🙇‍♀️🙏😊 . . #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #太妍 #泰妍 #泰古 #kakaoopengroupchat #taenggugroupchat #탱구그룹채팅 #fatedbutnotdestined #180825

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However, thanks to the fans who were inside the group chat and the translators for sharing screenshots of the conversations that Taenggu had with them and translating her words for the international fans, I was still able to read and understand what she had chatted inside. It was a rather casual Q&A kind of session between Taenggu and the fans. Among what were shared, there was one particular conversation where Taenggu mentioned that she’s considering dressing up as Tinkerbell for the upcoming Halloween.

I felt intrigued to know why she suddenly wanted to be Tinkerbell. It was interesting because Tinkerbell used to be a nickname I used to refer to Tiffany. It’s like whenever the voices in my head mention “Tinkerbell”, I would immediately think of Tiffany. I also briefly mentioned how I would relate Tiffany to a Tinkerbell-like image in my old post FOR TIFFANY: TIFFANY THE BALLERINA before too. And coincidentally, just a few days before Taenggu’s Kakao open group chat, Tiffany posted a tweet with a Tinkerbell emoticon too.

I had been consciously thinking about how I could personally relate to her tweet because of that Tinkerbell emoticon. Could it be that Taenggu got jealous of Tiffany because of this and that’s why she wanted to be Tinkerbell too? It cracked me up thinking about it.

Because of this, I decided to grant Taenggu’s wish even before Halloween was here. For our 43rd monthsary 4 days later, I completed a drawing of Taenggu as Tinkerbell. I decided to name her “Taengkerbell”. Drawing this was pretty fun. I had a lot of giggles while doing this one because I thought she looked cute and funny at the same time.

First, I merged the following 2 reference photos together into one by drawing Taenggu’s face on Tinkerbell’s body.

My initial pencil sketch of Taengkerbell

Then I painted the drawing using watercolours. I then cut the outline of the drawing digitally and pasted it against a few different fairytale-like backgrounds using Photoshop.

LOL, I wonder which background does Taenggu like best?? And I think Tinkerbell image suits Taenggu too because of her butterfly senses and midget size? Kekekeke. Only you can be my one and only Taengkerbell, Taenggu-ya! Hehe love youuuu! Hope you like this monthsary artwork! 😘💜

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