Discreet Love

I wish I don’t have to hide
My true feelings, my love for you that is real
For our love is not wrong
But under the scrutiny of million pairs of eyes of the world
I just wanna direct my love to my one and only
So I cover my mouth behind that cloth
And spend some private moments with you despite under flashes of cameras
Loving you… discreetly.
Celeste Koh (written from Taeyeon’s perspective)


Another poem that I had composed back in April this year and I have now decided to pull it out and publish it here as well. I was inspired by a series of photos where Taenggu was seen covering her mouth behind her sleeves, which made me curious and sparked loads of imagination in my head of what she could be doing with her mouth underneath that cloth. Could she be secretly whispering sweet nothings to my soul? Could she be pouting her lips to give me a kiss? Could she…?

And she always looked like she was doing it out of a burning desire or need to reach out to me despite under the scrutiny of the eyes of the public. She probably felt scared for not feeling my soul by her side. She probably was afraid of losing me. But at the same time, she had to hide her love for me. And so, she expressed her love to me like that publicly but…discreetly.

Suggestive photos like these speak for themselves. This is Taenggu’s style of PDA. 😆💜

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