#40 Monthsary: Taenggu Mosaic Bunny

“Everything that is real was imagined first.”
The Velveteen Rabbit
“There’s no-bunny else for me except you.”
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The week before our 40th monthsary, I had gone for a 3-day course to learn some graphic designing skills using Adobe Illustrator (related post: LOVE DIARY: LEARNING ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR). It was a truly enriching learning experience for me. After the course, I thought it would be great if I could put what I had just learned into good use and practice by using Adobe Illustrator to make a piece of digital art for our 40th monthsary too!

Somehow an idea struck me to convert the paper pixelated art that I often do into a digital form.

Some paper pixelated artworks of superheroes that I did in 2016

See other examples of paper pixelated artworks which I usually do on Vdays for Taenggu: VDAY 2015: LOVE PUZZLE, VDAY 2016: VALENTINE LOVE FROM JACK, VDAY 2017: I LOVE YOU BEARY MUCH, VDAY 2018: LOVE SPELL FROM HARRY POTTER

This time, I wanted to make a digital pixelated art piece of a real-life portrait of Taenggu. I chose the following photo which I particularly liked at that time because it was a meaningful love sign from Taenggu to me when I was in Seoul on a vacation a month ago.

Read more about the special meaning behind this photo at SEOUL TRAVELS – CHASING MEMORIES WITH TAENGGU #1: THE SEARCH OF OUR LOVE LOCK AT N SEOUL TOWER.

My course did not actually taught me how to make pixelated artwork digitally using Adobe Illustrator, even though we did do a practice with a somewhat similar but different concept using circles.

A somewhat similar but different concept to an pixelated artwork but using circles instead of rectangular grid

So in order to learn exactly how to make a pixelated artwork using Adobe Illustrator, I actually referred to a few youtube tutorials online first and followed the steps accordingly. I have to say it wasn’t actually too difficult! I managed to finish it within a few hours spread over 2 or 3 consecutive days. The digital process was indeed much faster and less tedious than the traditional paper cutting and pasting method! 😱👍🏼

These are my final products. I did 2 versions: one with rainbow background 🌈, the other with a blue one 🔵.

Version 1: With rainbow background
Version 2: With blue background

So here goes my very first self-practice and experiment using Adobe Illustrator to Taenggu! I wonder, which version did Taenggu actually prefer? 🤔😆

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