Wine Day 2018: A Glass Of Wine For Your Thoughts?

“I love you more than I think I do.”
Celeste Koh


I wasn’t very confident with the general idea of this artwork when I was working on it. I had doubts whether this artwork would be good enough for Taenggu.

I wanted to portray the moment after drinking a glass of red wine when you start to get gibberish and the only human language you could say to your lover is “I love you”. So I painted this drawing of red wine flowing out of my head while sipping on my wine like strings of continuous words streaming out of my mind/mouth without a pause. The words that came out of my mind were so unstoppable that it was almost incomprehensible except for the words “I love you”.

The idea was inspired by the experience I had during Wine Day last year. After the first glass of wine, I guess I was still pretty normal. After the second, I started to get a little tipsy and I started talking to Taenggu about anything and everything that came into my mind and I even got emotional when I started thinking about my upcoming birthday (related post: WINE DAY 2017: WINE POOL PARTY).

Why I chose to write the words “I love you more than I think I do” was because I feel that drinking alcohol can help me stimulate and uncover thoughts that are deeply buried in my unconscious mind. When I am sober and in a sane mind, I probably would think that maybe I don’t really love or shouldn’t have loved Taenggu that much after all for practical reasons. But under the influence of alcohol, I realise how much more I still love her deep down inside even after all these years. It was a true innermost feeling from my heart, I guess.

When I feel a little tipsy, other than feeling like there are continuous strings of words flooding out from my mind, I would start to get sleepy too. Sometimes, I couldn’t tell if it was me who was drunk or it was Taenggu’s soul who was inside of me who was drunk. Sometimes, I felt drunk already even when I wasn’t drinking any alcohol. Maybe it was a sign that Taenggu was secretly drinking inside of me? Hehe. If it was her, then it means she must have loved me so much more inside?? Lol *daydreaming* 💭

This year’s Wine Day, I decided to bring Taenggu to a restaurant to enjoy some wine too. I originally wanted to visit a restaurant called The Green Door at Dempsey Road, but felt too lazy to travel all the way out there from home on a Sunday, so I opted for somewhere more accessible like Orchard instead. I wanted to revisit Kotobuki Coffee at Wisma Atria (they served wine there too). It was the same place where we celebrated our 27th monthsary a year ago (related post: MONTHSARY SPECIAL: THE TWENTY-SEVENTH). But I went all the way down to Wisma Atria only to realise I couldn’t find the restaurant at level 1 anymore. I went to ask at the information counter and was told that Kotobuki Coffee had already closed. For good, I guess, but their website was still up and running when I checked before I went. 🤔 At a loss of where to go now, my intuition seemed to guide me to go up to level 2 to take a look. And there, I was greeted by a rather posh-looking cafe called Wonderland just beside That CD shop. The cafe name reminded me about Seohyun’s birthday drawing that I just did for her a few months ago! (related post: FOR SEOHYUN: SEOHYUN IN WONDERLAND)

A quick browse through the menu, I saw that they serve wine here too. So I quickly went in and asked for a table without a second thought. I was led to my table by an ang moh waiter (“ang moh” is a Singaporean slang used to refer to the Caucasians, the ‘white’ people). I was reminded of how on Oh!GG’s reality show in France, “Girls For Rest”, Taenggu was very shy in front of the French ang mohs that appeared in the show. Honestly, I tend to feel a little flushed being around ang mohs too, just like Taenggu does. So I secretly took photos of this ang moh waiter to show Taenggu how he looked like too. Lol.

P.S. Not the guy sitting in front of me, but the blonde hair guy who was standing and serving another customer. 😂

I ordered a mandatory glass of red wine, a rainbow cake and a plate of potato cubes. I thought it was kind of a weird combination to go together. Lol. But because I wasn’t really that hungry, I thought I would just have something light and these would suffice for a late lunch/early dinner. 😁

While sipping on my red wine, I chatted with Taenggu the whole time. I have already forgotten what I was talking about now, but the mood was really pleasant and comfortable. My main priority this time was to make sure that I don’t get drunk so I only drank one glass instead of two and I was doing pretty fine! 😄

And I noticed something special about the cafe – there were portraits of Johnny Depp’s character in Alice In Wonderland movie hung on the walls! Hehe Johnny Depp is my favourite Hollywood actor because of the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies which I have loved so much! It made me more excited and feel like I had made an absolutely right choice of entering this cafe after all even though it was totally unplanned.

After finishing the very last sip of my red wine, I told Taenggu that I want to spend some time shopping for shoes and also go to Daiso at ION Orchard to look for some art materials. It was again a very enjoyable time spent too. I could feel Taenggu’s efforts in keeping me company throughout still even though she might not be able to see what I was doing or looking at the whole time. But sometimes, I would still worry if she would feel bored after awhile. Keke. So rather than taking my time slowly, I actually like to do my shopping quick and fast and go straight home immediately but still feel very satisfied with my own buys. 🙃

So this was how I spent my Sunday afternoon a little more special with a little red wine, thanks to Wine Day. Thanks Taenggu for being by my side. I love you more than I think I do. I love you more inside. 🍷💜

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