Hyoyeon Birthday 2018: Mystic Queen 2018

“You can’t tame the spirit of someone who has magic in their veins.”


This artwork for Hyoyeon is a continuation of FOR HYOYEON: HYOYEON THE MYSTIC QUEEN that I did for her birthday last year. I call it the 2018 version of Mystic Queen. Pretty much like what I did for Tiffany in August, I wanted to try out something different and unusual from my usual artworks this time too.

This year, rather than a cartoonised look of Hyoyeon in a witch outfit, I did a more close-up real-life facial sketch of Hyoyeon instead. I remembered last year I wasn’t happy with the outcome after colouring Hyoyeon’s face, so this time I decided to leave her face “raw” without putting on any colours.

My pencil sketch of Hyoyeon’s face based on the portrait I had chosen below.

When choosing a nice portrait of her to draw, I browsed through her instagram profile gallery and found this following photo of her that I really liked! 😍

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I also noticed she looked particularly attractive in this Indonesian kebaya inspired outfit too. So this look of her also became one of my considerations.

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Sampai nanti #jakarta

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I had the idea of making Hyoyeon wear a large wide brim black hat on her head, pretty much like my reference photos below.

My work-in-process concept of Hyoyeon wearing a witch style wide brim pointed hat

Material sourcing was the main challenge of this artwork. The time taken to source for the materials itself already took me about 2-3 weeks. There was once when I had already ordered my item from Carousell and made my way down to the collection point personally to collect it only to be told by the seller that they couldn’t locate the item I wanted in their warehouse at all. Setbacks like this do happen sometimes. So after 2-3 weeks of searching high and low with some failures, these are the places where I had managed to source my materials at affordable prices from: unwanted leftover black fabric cloth for the hat and the large grey ostrich feather from Carousell, decorative black lace ribbon, purple ribbons and purple flowers from Daiso and the green background scrapbook canvas paper from Art Friend. 😊✌🏼

I found it exhausting to work on this artwork consecutively on weekdays on and off after work. So in the end, I managed to dedicate a whole Saturday afternoon to work on it continuously for a few hours till its completion so that I could focus and concentrate on it better.

Another challenge I faced while making this artwork was to use the fabric cloth to create a layered texture for the witch hat with a white glue so that it would pop out from the flat surface. It required a lot of thought process as to which layer should go first and which layer should go next. And decorating the hat with ribbons and feather was a pretty fun process too! I felt as if I was a fashion designer for once while making this. Lol. 👒✂️

Just when I thought I was completed with the whole artwork and already began to take photos of it, I noticed something odd about the artwork in the photo.

Did you notice something missing about the artwork?

I had forgotten to shade Hyoyeon’s eyeballs! Hahaha so I quickly took my pencil and shaded her two eyeballs with colour as if to add Hyoyeon’s soul into this drawing which was previously lacking a soul, bringing it to life. This action reminds me of a chinese idiom called “画龙点睛” which literally translates to “to dot the eyes of the painted dragon”. It has the meaning of adding the most important touch that brings a work of art to life.

TA-DA! Finally after the last step of adding soul into her eyes, I was satisfied and ready to take a series of detailed photos of this finished artwork. 📸

Don’t you think the resulting artwork is so suitable for the upcoming Halloween this month too? Hehe 🎃

To Hyoyeon, while I know you have been busy with your DJ tour as DJ Hyo, I hope you don’t give up on dancing too! Never stop spreading your magic to the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎉🎁💜

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