#39 Monthsary – 요리사 탱 / Master Chef Taeng

“Cooking is one of the great gifts you can give to those you love.”
Ina Garten


We have finally come to our magic number 39(th) monthsary! The concept of my drawing this time is about Taenggu being a great cook! I wanted the drawing to look a little comical that portrays Taenggu looking so proud of the food that she was going to serve for the day. Keke. I had this idea because a lot of my Instagram posts in April talked about Taenggu cooking ramyeon, frying pancakes, baking…etc. You can see these instagram posts right here below as follows:

Cooking Ramyeon

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In 2015, when I was still a university student, on some days I would skip school and stay at home the whole day. I was pretty much a homebody like Taenggu. I often cooked nongshim kimchi ramyeon for lunch when I'm alone at home. When I cooked, I would be like, "탱구야, I cook lunch for you okay?" ㅋㅋ. And I always only cooked these instant noodles for her coz it was the only food I knew how to cook lol. 😅 So I was so amused to see her also cooking ramyeon in real life on her Taeng9cam episode that same year. She and I are so similar! Haha you can tell she doesn't actually cook often too. Ahhh, how I wished I could eat her taengmyeon one day too! ㅋㅋ 🍲 I know Taenggu is also a fan of nongshim ramyeon. I remember her snapchat in 2016 of her opening a box full of 장칼국수 noodles from nongshim which made me curious. I later on searched high and low for this 장칼국수 in Korean marts in Singapore before I finally found it in 2017. Haha it really tasted not bad! 👍 Just recently, I also explored trying all kinds of ramyeon from other brands too. And yeah, again, I still pretended as if I was cooking lunch for Taenggu. 😂 Honestly, in 2015, that first year when I got spiritually together with her, I didn't really like watching her Taeng9cam shows. Because all I could see and sense from her in these reality shows was her loneliness. To think all those things I had tried to do to connect with her spiritually at the start did not make her any happier and less lonely made me feel depressed and moody. But now after being through so much with her and understanding her more and more, I've come to learn that it wasn't coz my magic didn't work at the start. It was because I didn't do it the right way / hadn't done it enough for her. Our magic, just like any other relationship, needs time to nurture and mature too. 🔮💜 . #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #太妍 #泰妍 #taeng9cam #taengguchef #taengmyeon #탱면 #nongshim #농심 #ramyeon #cooking #ramyeonlife #bigmagic

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Baking Cupcakes, Doughnuts and Cakes

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Taeng Patissier 🍩🍰 . About 1.5 months before my birthday in 2016, I told Taenggu that my birthday wish was her to bake a cake for me. So I was delighted when she later on started baking a series of cupcakes, doughnuts and cakes diligently for a few days straight. Although they were made for Halloween, I considered my wish partially fulfilled. 😄 I was amazed by how talented she is. Look at how amazing the things she baked turned out! What in the world can she not do? I told her she could even open her own dessert and cake shop in the future. Haha. 😍 But watching her bake in these videos in real life, I don't think she actually enjoyed the whole baking process entirely. It was pretty troublesome and a hassle, wasn't it? Hahaha. I wished I could do it with her though. But I admired and appreciated how much effort she was willing to put in to make all these sweet little things for us. Wasn't she as sweet as the desserts she baked? ㅋㅋ 🍩🍰🍨🍦 My wish now – to eat whatever she cooks or bakes one day 😋 #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #泰妍 #太妍 #taengpatissier #taengbakes #baking #halloween #cupcakes #doughnuts #cake

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Taeng Patissier part 2 🍩🍰 . The funny moment when she was supposed to put in the egg yolk but almost pour in the egg white instead. 😂 You can see her blushing slightly in embarrassment at the end ㅋㅋ so cute. Also her cute trademark "omo omo omo".. lol I dunno why but I am always not very confident when it comes to cracking eggs. 😝 So when I was watching this live at that time and saw her cracking the egg smoothly like a boss, I was amazed and said something like "wah, you can crack eggs very well and I can't do it" to her. I wondered if it was because of what I said that she got distracted and got both egg yolk and egg white mixed up. Lol 🤣🍳 . 📽 from V Live highlights: 탱티쉐 Oven & Eleven (2016) #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #泰妍 #太妍 #taengpatissier #탱티쉐 #taengbakes #baking #vlive #ovenandeleven #crackingeggs @taeyeon_ss

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Frying Pancakes

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It was a sweet and pleasant morning on 9th April 2018 when I woke up to Taenggu's new instastory updates of her frying pancakes for breakfast. They looked so good that it was almost as if I could smell the scent of these freshly made pancakes coming out from my phone. Haha. 😆 Because of her, I felt so motivated to fry my own version of "pancakes" for her in return. So the very next day, I got my ingredients ready and became a one-night chef. 👩‍🍳 The "pancake" was from my mum's very own recipe. I call it Horlicks Prata. I made 4 pieces of them that night. You can watch the process of me making these Horlicks Pratas in the second video. 📽🎬 . Just this morning, I also attempted to make a smiley face on my greek yoghurt. This again is just an example how Taenggu has inspired and influenced me in so many positive ways. 😍 #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #泰妍 #太妍 #masterchef #요리사탱 #요리사셀 #pancakes #horlicksprata #happybreakfast

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Besides occasionally seeing videos of her working in the kitchen on her reality shows, vlive and social media and pictures of food that presumably was made by herself, once in a while I do see visions of her preparing to cook something in my mind too. I once even had a dream of her wearing an apron looking all ready to cook up a dish for me too! You can read more about that dream I had last year in my old post THE HOUSE FAIRY DREAM.

Even though I physically have yet to get the chance to taste the food that Taenggu makes, it doesn’t matter if the real taste is nice or not, I believe I would still like and enjoy eating anything and everything she cooks. Because it’s the effort behind each dish she makes that makes it so precious and taste good! 😋

So… what’s for meal today, my dear Master Chef Taeng? 😆🍽

Flower for the month:

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