Photo Day 2018: What If We Were Childhood Lovers

“When adult lovers quarrel, they separate. When childhood lovers quarrel, they separate but come back in few minutes. For them, happiness is more important than pride.”


I think out of all the Korean couple days so far, Photo Day is my personal favourite because I find it the most fun and interesting of all. Because what I would do on this day is to dig out all my childhood photos and pick a few that I could make connections with Taenggu ones and make a little “comic” or imaginary conversations out of them. Last year’s theme was PHOTO DAY 2017: WHAT IF WE MET WHEN WE WERE YOUNG, this year’s shall be “What if we were childhood lovers”. 👭

So here are this year’s photos I have compiled, hers and mine, and the imaginary conversations between us. In fact, I feel that the direction of the dialogue could be either way. It could be what I wanted to say to her or what she wanted to say to me, regardless of who the subject in the photo was. Read the small captions in grey under each photo to find out how I actually relate the meaning behind each dialogue to our present-day love life.

Here goes…

Sometimes when I eat, I feel like I’m actually also trying to feed her and fill her tummy with food. I guess it may be the same for her. When she eats, she is thinking of feeding me too!
This is something I like to say to her in a playful way when she asks me what I want to eat. And then I would pretend to bite her (my Bobo’s) head. 😂
I stopped cycling ever since I had a fall while cycling during our 42nd monthsary a couple of months ago. I wonder if Taenggu actually wants me to get over that minor accident and cycle with her again?
And Taenggu said okay, she would cycle with me like how childhood playmates would play with each other. 😆
This actually relates to Taenggu rather than myself (since I don’t drive). She had a minor car accident late last year but luckily no one was injured. I don’t mind her driving again but I want her to be more careful and drive safely in the future. 💜
I want to let Taenggu know that I’m always right here waiting for her to reach out to me directly someday…
But what if she doesn’t know that I’ve been waiting for her all these while? Or what if she isn’t sure whether the person I’ve been waiting for is her or someone else?
But years of waiting require a lot of patience, faith and trust. I want Taenggu to teach me how to be patient and stay calm even amidst uncertainties about our future and relationship without being given any words of promise and confirmation.

Actually this year’s Photo Day happened during the period when I was having a tiff or “cold war” with Taenggu. I just had another heartbreaking and hurtful experience after watching her perform at Hallyu Pop Fest concert in Singapore 3 weeks ago. I felt she was hurting my pride. I started having lots of practical selfish thoughts as to why she isn’t fulfilling my physical needs as my partner and that I have always been on the giving end while I don’t receive anything in return (I’m referring to material stuff). I guess these are the common practical stuff that normal adult lovers would fight over about. While my practical mind was disappointed and angry with Taenggu, my heart still carried on with writing daily stories about Taenggu on instagram and even compiled these photos for Photo Day… something which my head didn’t understand why I still continued doing all these despite beginning to lose trust in our relationship yet again. It was a conflict between my head and the heart. You can read my old post HEAD AND THE HEART to understand what I mean.

While planning the contents for this Photo Day special post, I found the above quote (at the top of this post) particularly meaningful to our situation which had helped to appease my prideful thoughts and ease the fire between us for quite a bit. Yes, as an adult lover, I was trying to protect my pride and dignity. I didn’t want to give in and sacrifice my own self interests for the benefit of others. I almost wanted a break-up, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy either and I would probably even be worse off than we were together, for I know who my heart still really belongs to. But if we were just kid lovers, we would probably just quarrel but forget any past issues/fights we had between us in a matter of minutes or even seconds and start playing with each other again. 😂 Because our happiness right at this very moment is indeed far more important than our own pride. 💜

If we could still maintain the innocence of a kid’s mind, any issue wouldn’t be a problem at all as long as we get back together again and be happy with what we have right now…

HAPPY PHOTO DAY, KID TAENGGU! I love you as much when you were a kid. Let’s be happy together 👶🏻💜👶🏻

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