Hayeon Birthday 2018: Little Red Riding Hood

“Even if things seem good, if something feels wrong in your gut, leave your little red hood if you have to and ride away!”
Jane Lee Logan


This was my first time making a birthday artwork for Taenggu’s younger sister, Hayeon this year because I finally got to know when her birthday is when she set up an instagram account early this year (but now deleted or changed username). I assumed the numbers ‘0831’ in her username were the date of her birthday. 🎂

Screenshot of her profile when she set up an instagram account earlier this year
Taenggu’s younger sister named Hayeon

But time was running very tight on my side. Just a few days ago, I completed an artwork just in time for our 43rd monthsary on 29th August (see my artwork here). I only had the night of 30th August to work on Hayeon’s artwork so that I could get it published in time for her birthday the very next day. It was a Thursday. I was already physically and mentally drained after a full hectic day at work. Shifting in and out of consciousness (I was really sleepy that night!), it was a physical (and spiritual, too) challenge for me to stay awake to make the artwork till finish despite having to wake up early again the next day for work. But there was one point of time I suddenly gathered my focus and energy together, I sat straight up on my chair and became very determined to finish the artwork till the very end no matter how late into the night. Indeed, it was already past midnight when I managed to complete it with all the remaining energy I had left for the night, thankfully.

Oh wait, correction, I had actually completed only the paper art portion without the words that night. 😅 I later used a phone app to add in the words digitally as a stand-in for the time being.

As for the physical copy, I waited till I had more time 2 days later to fill the empty spaces with the quote handwritten and the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYEON” words using letter beads. 😊

More detailed photos of my finished artwork! 📸

My idea of the artwork was to remake this following image I found on the net which portrays the popular bedtime story among children, Little Red Riding Hood using paper cutting and pasting (my signature art and craft technique!). ✂️✏️

My reference photo for my paper artwork for Hayeon

I chose the theme of Little Red Riding Hood for Hayeon because when I thought of her, I somehow related her to the girl in Little Red Riding Hood. I don’t have / don’t remember having any personal interactions with Hayeon, but based on my overall impression of her from the very limited photos of herself and with Taenggu and as a SM trainee, I would have guessed that she, being 9 years younger than Taenggu (she was born in 1998), must have been still so young, vibrant and innocent. Through this artwork, I hope for her to be careful of the cunning wolves that are lurking around in this harsh society when she turns into a working adult in the future.

Perhaps because of her very young age, her family seems to be very protective of her. As compared to Taenggu’s parents and her older brother Jiwoong, Hayeon’s public appearances and photos have been very rare. The following are the few photos and videos from which I have formed my impressions of her so far.

This video from Taenggu’s snapchat in 2016 was actually my first time seeing how Hayeon looked like in person and her hanging around with Taenggu. I remembered on that day, Taenggu revealed that she had taken Hayeon to see a doctor. You could see how lovely and kind she was as a big sister to Hayeon. 😍

Late last year, Taenggu went to watch Ariana Grande concert in Seoul with a girl who believed to be her sister, Hayeon. Seeing how she wrapped her arm around Hayeon’s neck, you know the two have a very close sister relationship. 😍😍

After Ariana Grande’s concert, Taenggu was seen walking with a girl who believed to be Hayeon.

Most recently this year, Taenggu celebrated her 30th birthday with her two siblings, Jiwoong and Hayeon at home. It was my first time hearing Hayeon’s voice in this video! 👂

How sweet of them! 😍😍😍

Because of Hayeon’s rare public appearances, I found the girl in my artwork who had her face hidden from sight underneath that red hood of hers very fitting to her overall image and impression I had of her too!

To Hayeon, whatever your future endeavours may be, I wish you all the best! And I envy you for having such a kind and loving sister like Taenggu. 😍👭 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you like this artwork specially made for you 🎂🎁💗🎉

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