#37 Monthsary: Reminiscence Of K-Wave 2

“The musician and the listener. If this is love between two strangers watching each other from afar, that rough, burning moment when you rush in and kiss is the show.”
“In my mind, you are already here with me. I love you from afar, but my heart is next to yours.”
Stephen Blake


For 35th monthsary, I was busy with the making of christmas card orders on Carousell and travelling in South Korea for a holiday trip with friends so I didn’t manage to do any monthsary drawing for Taenggu. As for 36th monthsary, which was also our 3rd anniversary, I only did a painting as part of our yearly tradition, so that sufficed as a special artwork for the month as well (see the painting in 3RD ANNIVERSARY: THE FALL OF FALLING IN LOVE). So skipping forward to our 37th monthsary in February this year, I decided to make a comeback with my Bobo comic series! I had previously done two separate comic drawings for our 24th and 25th monthsaries early last year (you can view them here at #24 MONTHSARY: LET ME BE YOUR OTAKU (COMIC SERIES PART 1 and #25 MONTHSARY: LET ME BE YOUR OTAKU (COMIC SERIES PART 2)).

But this time, instead of the shadow man, it now features me as Taenggu’s new blue and white striped soft toy. It was a gift which Ttochi unnie had given Taenggu in January this year. It makes a perfect couple pair with the rainbow bunny soft toy that I own myself. I had previously explained how I came to know about this blue and white striped soft toy that Taenggu has in possession now in ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: THE THIRD.

Taenggu and I now own a couple pair of large-sized soft toys that originated from Craftholic!

I also wrote about this significant love sign from Taenggu in my instagram post below too. (Click/Swipe right to view the rest of the photos in this instagram carousel! ➡️)

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Another proudest moment in my life is when I saw Taenggu own the same thing as me. Last time it was the jewel teaspoon, this time we have the same large-sized soft toy that originated from Craftholic! Mine is the rainbow bunny version while hers, if I'm not wrong, is the blue and white striped sloth bear one. It was a gift from Ttochi unnie whom she is close to. So thankful! 🙏 And Taenggu posted this video on the night of our 3rd anniversary making me the happiest and luckiest girl alive that night! ㅋㅋㅋ I said before, if Taenggu is a bunny to me, then I would be a bear to you. It really came true! Both of us are in stripes of colours now. We can have something to hug each other now. Haha. 😍 #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #craftholic #rabbunny #slothbear #softtoy #largesizedplushie #bobo #rainbowbunny #blueandwhitestripes #coupleitems #expressionsoflove #lovesigns #gratitude

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I can’t exactly confirm if the toy is a sloth bear with rounded ears or a bunny with long ears like mine though. But I will take it as a blue and white bear version of my rainbow bunny, Bobo for now. And I shall give it the name, Bun Bun because his two round ears are like two hair buns. Hahaha. It is also a cute nickname for the word “bunny” just in case it actually is a bunny not a bear. 😂 (🐻 / 🐰?? 🤔) So, I will essentially call this a Bobo and Bun Bun comic drawing for easy reference (referring to my cover picture at the top of this blog post ⬆️).

This drawing is a reminiscence of the K-wave 2 concert in KL on 13th January this year when I was holding a pink star lightstick cheering for Taenggu who was shining like a bright star on stage. There was an unforgettable moment when my pink star lightstick which I was waving was captured on the big screen at the concert. You can read about what happened at the concert in detail in CONCERT EXPERIENCE: K-WAVE 2 IN KUALA LUMPUR – A DELIGHTFUL HELLO AGAIN. I used Bobo and Bun Bun as a representation of each of our physical selves in order to portray us in a cuter way in this comic.

It was a bittersweet moment as I sat among the audience cheering for her and waving my lightstick as a physical way of supporting her from afar as she gave her performance onstage. Although I wished I could get even closer to her, that physical distance between me and her at that point of time was already closer than any other times in our history. Slowly, we will get even closer together, inch by inch, bit by bit, till I’m right by her side, close enough to give her a peck on her cheek. 😘💜

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