Green Day 2018: A Paper Cactus For You

“I walked into the woods alone and came out with the love of my life.”
Celeste Koh


Today is Green Day, the Korean couple day when couples take a stroll into the woods while drinking a bottle of soju. Hehe so cute how they celebrate all kinds of couple days like this one in Korea. 😍

Recently, after I started my new job about 3 weeks ago, I have gotten really busy and coping with my new work life. But even amidst my busy work life that requires a lot of commitment, I still try to find time to attend art-related workshops during weekends or after work. Just like on a Saturday 2 weeks ago, I headed down to Papermarket at Raffles City to attend a complimentary Paper Cactus Making workshop that they organised as part of their Garden City 2018 campaign. As you might have guessed, the paper cactus featured in the above cover photo was my product out of that workshop. It was actually pretty fun, quick and easy to make. As all the materials were already cut and prepared for us, all I had to do was just to stick all the pieces together lol. But of course, if I were to do it over again from scratch, it wouldn’t be difficult too! Hehe I love easy-to-do crafts!

More photos of my adorable paper cactus!

Although at that moment when I was making this paper cactus I didn’t set it out to be a Green Day present for Taenggu, I did think of giving this to her too. It was only until a few days ago when an idea sparked in me that I could officially use this as a gift in the name of Green Day too (since the cactus is green and a part of nature – fits the theme). Hehe saved me lots of time from having to think of a new idea to make an Green Day themed artwork and made sure that my efforts in attending these art workshops during my free time were not wasted.

Speaking of cactus, last year I wrote a story about the relevance of cactus in our relationship on instagram too.

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A LOVE CACTUS FOR YOU My latest handmade project for Taenggu – crocheting a mini cactus! 🌵🌵🌵 The main reason why I signed up for a beginner crochet workshop was because I knew we would be making a cactus during that class. I knew Taenggu likes cactus. I'm sure many SONEs have heard of this interesting fact about Taenggu – she admitted that she once gave a cactus to a girl she liked when she was 6 years old. I forgot where I first read this from but it left a deep impression in me. I found a tweet by a fellow SONE talking about it as a proof (3rd pic) and an old video (4th one) of Taenggu talking about her past when she made a love confession to someone who wasn't a guy? Lol. I used to post a few photos of cactus on my personal instagram between 2013 and 2014. Back then when I posted those pictures, I was actually thinking of Taenggu. I wonder if she got my love messages through these cactus photos back then? Hehe. Now I want to be the one giving a cactus to the girl I like, just like what Taenggu did when she was 6 years old. And at the same time, I want to be the girl receiving a cactus from her too!! 😍😍😍 . #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #cactus #love #lovemessage #cactusflower #girlcrush #crochet #handmade

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And also, I had previously made a cactus themed artwork for Hug Day 2017 too – see post: HUG DAY 2017: ENDURE ALL THE PAIN JUST TO BE WITH YOU

Cactus seems like an excellent symbol to represent famous celebrities in general. They are hard to get close to because of their thorns but yet, all the more they are in need of people who are daring enough to come forward and give them a hug.

Hehe but my paper cactus has no thorns though. Taenggu can hug it freely any way she likes without having to feel pain.

Hope Taenggu likes this paper cactus as much as I do! 🌵

Insert here an old drawing of a soju bottle by Taenggu herself (drawn on 20.04.2015, posted on instagram on 16.01.2016). I guess she was kind of hinting that she used to drink lots of alcohol and got herself drunk back then? Had it been difficult to reach me within my consciousness? 😆

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술먹다그린쐬쥬뿅 15.4.20

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Since I don’t have a soju, let’s have beer or red wine instead tonight? 🍾🍻

If you would like to see my artwork for last year’s Green Day, read GREEN DAY 2017: GROW OUR OWN TREE OF LOVE.

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