Video: Rain That Brought Us Together – SNSD Phantasia In Taipei Day 2 Talk

{ Throwback to 8th May 2016 }

– Repost from instagram @lovestorieswithtaenggu, filling in with more details and pictures –


Some background story: SNSD held 2 days of their Phantasia concert in Taipei back in 2016. It was my first time travelling overseas to watch Taenggu at her concert after we had gotten together as a couple. I had already attended day 1 of their concert. This video was taken in day 2 when I wasn’t there but was still in Taiwan on the last day of my trip with a group of my friends from university.

The group of friends whom I was travelling in Taiwan with in May 2016

(Back to the video) In the talk segment, Taenggu said she had been waiting and looking forward for this Taiwan concert to come but from what I see from her body language, she struggled and hesitated when she was asked the reason why. As much as she wanted to tell the truth, she had to keep the real reason a secret. Although I might not be physically present at the concert at that time, she knew my unconscious mind was up there listening to her. So she had to be tactful in her answer so she said it was because she wanted to see their fans (which technically also included me) very much. Hahaha so how could I not be happy to know that Taenggu had been eagerly anticipating this concert in Taiwan because she knew that I would be coming to see her?? 😍🙆‍♀️


While SNSD were having day 2 of their concert in Taipei, I vividly remembered myself walking out of a hotpot restaurant in Taipei after having lunch with my friends who were on this trip with me and I realised that it was raining outside. I remembered merely thinking to myself, “Ahh it’s raining right now.”

This was the hotpot restaurant in Taipei which I was talking about. I vividly remembered that I was walking up the stairs when I had the thought after seeing it was raining outside.

I guess this thought of mine was projected to SNSD from above at the same time when they were having this talk segment and they were trying to get Taenggu to sing her new single “Rain”. Sooyoung heard me and simply relayed my message (coz she was pointing upwards) that it was raining now, only to be cautioned by Taenggu that she wasn’t supposed to say it out. Coz practically speaking, they shouldn’t be able to know that it was actually raining outside when they were indoors inside the concert hall without my tip-off (and the audience were not aware of it).

Lol at the nearly passable remarks by Yuri in an attempt to cover up Sooyoung’s slip of tongue and how Taenggu was trying to clarify that the weather was good (coz it wasn’t raining before the concert started). 😂🤫


Taenggu wanted to brush it off and moved on to the next song on their concert setlist. But Sooyoung, the other members and the fans just wouldn’t let her get away so easily without singing a short snippet of her latest single “Rain” for them. Coz does it really matter how they knew it was really raining outside?? Lol. A reluctant Taeng finally relented and sang one line from the chorus. Loved how her head was facing up the whole time as she sang. I guess she just wanted to sing this song to her one and only who was up above her. My unconscious mind. ☝️


Probably it would be a good idea for me to write about my concert experience on day 1 of their concert in Taipei which I attended back then too. Had already briefly shared about it on my instagram before. Will compile and write about it here on this blog too in the future when I find an appropriate time to! 😝

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