Seohyun Birthday 2018: Seohyun In Wonderland

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”
The White Rabbit (Alice In Wonderland)


About one week after I completed Yoona’s birthday drawing (FOR YOONA: TAKE A REST ON MY HORNS BEFORE YOU FLY AGAIN), I felt that I was ready to start working on Seohyun’s. It’s worthy to note that my previous drawings for Sunny and Yoona were both delayed. I didn’t manage to get them done in time for their birthdays. Especially for Yoona, I even took almost one month since her birthday before I finally got my hands working on hers (because I had been busy with my other personal stuff during that period). Seohyun’s case was delayed a little too, but I managed to get hers done within a week or so after she celebrated her birthday.

That one night, on 6th July, I suddenly thought it was a suitable time to brainstorm for an idea for Seohyun’s drawing. But amazingly it didn’t take me too long before an image of The White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland came into my mind. And it was strange how effortlessly this idea just came swiftly knocking on my head because I wasn’t a fan of Alice In Wonderland so I wasn’t familiar with its story, but I somehow knew there was this white rabbit character that existed in the story.

Let me explain how great this idea actually was. For her birthday last year (FOR SEOHYUN: SEOHYUN HOPPS), I had drawn her as Judy Hopps because she was filming the drama “Bad Thief, Good Thief” at that time and her police officer role in that drama looked like the bunny character from Zootopia.

This year, she is also currently in midst of filming her new drama called “Time” and this White Rabbit character from Alice In Wonderland would be a perfect fit because he is also a bunny character like Judy Hopps and he is often seen holding a watch in the story (in relation to her drama title “Time”)! This idea could serve as a great continuation to my last year’s drawing of Seohyun Hopps! 🐰

The script cover of her new drama “시간 (Time)”:

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두근두근한 시간⏰

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Excited by the new idea that was proposed to me by the universe, I went to the internet to find suitable reference photos for my drawing.

This Alice In Wonderland poster of The White Rabbit pointing at his watch was a perfect reference photo for my drawing
Chose this photo for Seohyun’s face because her face is positioned at a similar angle to the white rabbit in the above poster

With my reference photos carefully chosen, I couldn’t wait to get started on my drawing on the very next day. As I started out by sketching Seohyun’s face on a piece of drawing paper, I heard her voice speaking in my mind, “It’s okay, I can wait.” But her kind, patient words instead gave me lots of motivation and drive to finish this drawing for her as soon as possible even though she said she could wait. And as it turned out, it was a much smoother process to get her facial sketch done in a quicker time with less or no agitation and disturbance at all – a stark contrast to what happened when I worked on Yoona’s (refer to post: FOR YOONA: TAKE A REST ON MY HORNS BEFORE YOU FLY AGAIN).

I was really satisfied with how my freehand sketch of Seohyun’s face turned out!

And then over the next 3 days, I proceeded with drawing her rabbit body holding the watch, colouring using watercolours, handlettering the words and designing a poker background before the final drawing was fully completed by 10th of July.

I felt a sense of commitment to dedicate myself to working on this drawing to its completion consecutively for a few days straight and so, I felt really accomplished when it was finally done. The above quote by The White Rabbit at the top of this post was really apt in describing my process of making this art – the hurrier I go, the behinder I get, but when Seohyun was patient and willing to wait, the faster I actually went! 💨 And it’s funny how Seohyun’s drawings always seem to be quite weird and comical as compared to the drawings I have done for other SNSD members so far. It’s probably also a reflection of her personality in real life too! 😂

To Seohyun, the actress who seems destined to be a bunny character in my drawings, hope you liked this year’s drawing of “Seohyun In Wonderland” too! Fighting for your new drama which is due to broadcast very soon later this month! 시간 fighting!! 🕰💪🏼

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