Sunny Birthday 2018: Watch Sunrise With You Every Day

“Someday, you will find the one who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life.”


For Sunny’s birthday last year, I drew her as a sunflower (see post: FOR SUNNY: SUNNY SUNFLOWER). For her birthday this year, the theme of my drawing still very much revolves around her stage name “Sunny”, but this time, it’s about the sun; about watching sunrise (or sunset). 🌤

My reference photo for Sunny

I specially chose the above reference photo for her because I remembered complimenting her on instagram about how good her visuals were in this particular appearance last year – with pink and ash grey wavy hair and greyish brown coloured contact lenses. 👀

And this time, I also drew her beloved cat, Sogeum whom she spends most of her time at home with when she isn’t working. 😺

Sunny’s beloved cat, Sogeum

There was actually a reason that motivated the idea of this drawing. It was somewhen earlier this year when I was browsing through instagram one day. I came across a piece of information shared by a fellow SONE about Sunny. This fan’s post wrote that Sunny, who now lives alone in her new big apartment, would sometimes feel lonely when she watches the beautiful skyline view from her apartment alone. And whenever this sense of loneliness seeps in, she would send photos of the scenery from her apartment to their SNSD group chat. I’m not sure Sunny had said this in which interview or tv program, and neither did I take a screenshot of the instagram post which the fan had shared at that time, but it left such a deep impression in me since then.

I managed to find the following video of her drinking beer while watching the sunset alone at her apartment on her reality TV show “너에게 나를 보낸다 (Send Me To You)”.

I could indeed sense the loneliness of her watching the sunset alone while drinking beer, which is something she said she often does at home. I could understand how nice it would be if there were someone who could be there with her to enjoy this view with every day.

This was what inspired me to do this drawing. What I wanted to convey through this drawing is that although she may not have found that special someone to enjoy this scenery every day with yet, she still has Sogeum. This cat whom she loves dearly is there with her every day in the house to watch every sunrise or sunset together. Although Sogeum can’t talk like humans do, she is always there to keep Sunny company.

So while I was making this drawing, I sometimes feel as if I was actually doing this on behalf of Sogeum as if to say this message: “Hi owner, I promise I will be there with you to watch every sunrise and sunset together. Please don’t be lonely.”

So this drawing wasn’t just a gift from me to Sunny, but it was also a gift from Sogeum to her beloved owner of 4 years.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY! May you always embrace the beauty of watching sunrise every day from the comfort of your home with the company of Sogeum and your loved ones. 😍💗

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