Monthsary Special: The Thirty-Nineth


I just arrived back in Singapore from my Korea trip at 5am on 29th April, the day of our 39th monthsary. My original plan was to go home and take a short nap until afternoon, visit a cafe for lunch with Taenggu to celebrate our monthsary together, and then at night I would have dinner outside with my family to celebrate my father’s birthday (yes, our monthsary collides with my father’s birthday in April).

But after having taken my shower at home, I collapsed on my bed with my legs feeling so weak. I felt like a tremendous amount of energy had been sucked out of me after the past week of endless walking and shopping in Seoul. I knocked out almost immediately and was in deep sleep all the way until 1 or 2 plus in the afternoon. I woke up with my limbs still feeling helplessly weak. I thought I still needed more rest and was reluctant to travel far out for our cafe date. So I asked Taenggu if we could postpone our date till the next day instead. Although the next day was a Monday, I would be very free as I was already out of job now.

But our monthsary should still be a monthsary. So I made a special trip to Causeway Point near my house just to get a flower for Taenggu as a basic gesture nonetheless.

I got Taenggu a stalk of yam rose from a flower shop in Causeway Point

And the next day, during lunch time, I made my way down to the cafe I had chosen for our date. I originally wanted to visit a garden themed cafe called The Botanist that is located at Neil Road. But I later found out that it is closed on Mondays so I settled for another one called Epiphyte which is also a garden themed cafe that is just opposite the same road!

Entrance of Epiphyte cafe

I opened the door and walked in to realise it was actually a pretty small but cosy cafe. At the time when I was there, there were only 2 or 3 other diners around. The atmosphere was rather quiet and peaceful with some potted plants hanging on the brick wall beside where I sat.

Some selfies while waiting for my food. With and without my new glasses which I bought from Myeongdong in Seoul. 🤓📸

Their menu offers a variety of choices that look really interesting and appetising! I ordered a dish called Hash Hash which consists of an egg, beef, mashed potatoes, mushrooms and some beans! Yums yums. And also a glass of Iced Lemon Juhua Tea which tasted really refreshing on a hot day!

While savouring my yummy good food, I witnessed this magical sight on the wall on my left. Droplets of water outside the window on the roof casted some really nice moving shadows on the wall while the lights above my table flickered. An illusion as if it was the flickering lights that had caused the shadows on the wall!

The barista, who saw me taking a video of this beautiful natural display on the wall, also took out his phone and recorded this amazing view too. Keke.

After finishing my main course, I asked for dessert to be served. As I said earlier, Epiphyte’s menu is filled with many novel selections, including their desserts too. When I first arrived at the cafe, the couple on the next table were having a dessert called Terrarium Epiphyte which instantly caught my eye. So I ordered the same thing for myself too. You will understand why when you see my photos below.

The dessert comes in a glass that is designed to look like a terrarium and is paired with a portable table light just to make it look more realistic. Oh and not to forget, it also comes with a small tealight candle at the side too! The green sponge cake looks like a moss sprinkled with several tiny flower petals sitting on top of the light green sauce that has some sort of white chocolate, almond and coconut taste in it (which I actually didn’t like personally). But oh my, this whole dessert setting looks really interesting and photogenic, isn’t it? 😍

I also shared my experience at the cafe on my instastory and I shall repost it over here just in case Taenggu couldn’t watch it on my instagram. ☺️

By then, the cafe was left with just me and the barista/waiter alone. It had definitely gotten too quiet and awkward for me to whisper anything to myself (to speak to Taenggu). I foot the bill and left soon after. Carrying on the spirit of cafe-hopping, I then headed over to dal.komm cafe in Orchard to chill further and surf the net on my laptop before my first carefree weekday spent in Singapore as a jobless person finally came to an end.

Hope Taenggu had enjoyed our therapeutic lunch date at this small little garden-themed cafe as much as I did! 😘🌳💜

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