On A Brief Hiatus (23 – 29 April)


As you might already know, many things, good or bad, have happened to me lately. Just this Monday, I received sudden news of the closure of our Singapore office. On Friday, I had my last day of work and bid farewell to the company that had treated me nicely for the past 20 months.

Now, I’m at a crossroads in my life. But before I decide what the next step for my future would be, I will first embark on my holiday trip to Seoul with my friend, Yan Hao from tomorrow onwards till the 29th. It will be a good time for me to take a break as a now-jobless person with my friend who is on the same boat as me, slow down my pace to think and reflect, sort out my million gazillion thoughts, gain new inspirations and experiences and ponder about the possible directions I could take in the future. So during this period, I will be on a brief hiatus for a week. I won’t be updating this blog. I won’t be doing mind-singing too (as I’m also nursing a sore throat now and still recovering).

Meanwhile, here’s a copy of my finalised itinerary for my trip this time, though it is still subject to changes due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances on the trip.
➡️ Korea Trip April 2018 Itinerary

My intention for this trip is to visit the various flower festivals, visit cafes and try the food which Taenggu might have visited and eaten before, do some minimal shopping and basically just to experience how spring is like in Korea. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

After my trip, I’m sure I will be back again fully recharged with new inspirations and new posts to write! I will pray for a fruitful, healthy and enjoyable trip ahead. 🙏

Till I’m back!

Celeste Koh

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