#33 Monthsary: Taenggu Rapunzel

“Everything looks different. Now that I see you.”
The “Tangled” Movie


The idea of Taenggu Rapunzel had been going on in my head for a long time. There wasn’t really a special reason why I was spurred to do it for this monthsary but I just thought it would be a good time to get my hands working on this idea finally.

I already knew ever since the earlier days when she first set up her instagram account in 2013 that she is a big fan of Rapunzel and the Tangled movie. Her fans used to hilariously refer to the movie as “Taengled” because of her.

This was her posing with a Rapunzel doll with the caption saying she’s a jjang fan. 😆

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She even had Pascal, Rapunzel’s chameleon pet resting on her shoulder. LOL.

She also drew this really cute illustration of Rapunzel too! You could see how talented she was even as an artist who draws and colours.


More recently, I think it was later part of 2016, I remembered her posting little clips from the Tangled movie on her instastory/snapchat. Although I don’t have the exact video clips which she posted back then and neither can I find them anywhere on the net now, I vividly remembered that the scenes she snapped from the movie were similar to the parts captured in these gifs below.

I chose the following 2 photos as references for my drawing.

I was planning to merge these 2 pictures into a drawing of Rapunzel replaced with the face of Taenggu and with Pascal on her shoulder.

There have always been a saying that goes, “Practice makes perfect”, right? I had this mindset when I started working on this drawing weeks ahead of our 33rd monthsary. I planned to slowly take my time to draw her face until it was perfect. I wanted the facial features of my Rapunzel to look exactly like Taenggu. And it turned out to be the hardest and most time-consuming drawing of Taenggu I had ever done so far in my life.

I did 4 following attempts of drawing her face.

First Try

Second Try

Third Try

Fourth Try

Frustratingly yet amusingly, the more I drew Taenggu, the more my subject deviated from her original face. Examining each drawing closely, I think my very first attempt was already the best and had the highest resemblance to my reference photo of Taenggu’s face out of the 4 drawings! Who says it’s always true that your drawings would get more accurate with more practice?? I think it wasn’t true for my case after all! Haha 😆

Next, I had a problem with colouring Rapunzel’s hair. Look at how disastrous it turned out when I first tried to colour her hair with watercolour pencils! 😱🙈

I guess it was simply because I didn’t have colour pencils of the right colour tones for her blonde hair. To rectify the issue, what I actually did was to print out the picture of Rapunzel, cut out her gorgeous blonde hair and paste it over the unsightly watercolour-ed brown hair. You may call it cheating, but LOL, at least it saved me a lot of time and heartaches of having to re-do this drawing because of my failed “hair dye”. 😂

I also kind of messed up with colouring her face and the skin on her neck and chest, also with watercolour pencils. I guess, as I had mentioned somewhere else before, I always am not that skilful when it comes to colouring, but at the completion of this drawing, I had also come to another conclusion about myself – I really sucked at doing makeup. LOL. 😝

My final completed drawing of Taenggu Rapunzel

You could say, this was a drawing of imperfections. However, I hoped it still looked decent and satisfactory to Taenggu after all! 😅

On a sidenote, does Taenggu like Rapunzel because she wants to have an ultra long hair like her? The following evidence I found shows that it isn’t quite so!

So it seems like she only liked Rapunzel or the movie because she was drawn to its fairytale I guess. To me, I prefer her, as for myself too, with mid-hair length. Not too long, not too short. 😙💇🏻

This month of Oct 2017, I also got her a really bright and cheerful looking yellow daisy. I chose this flower because it reminded me of the similar yellow flowers she posted on instastory in the previous month too. I believed she did that to cheer me up when I was under a brief period of depression back then. 😚

Let’s go on together for as long as Rapunzel’s hair! 사랑해 💜💜💜

Flower for the month:

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