Exactly one year ago today, on 9th March 2017, Taenggu’s 29th birthday, I officially launched this dedicated blog for her as a birthday present. And it has become my new-found passion to write my stories with her ever since! All the ups and downs, all the moments with her, whether happy or sad, past or present, they are all recorded on this blog like a diary. Over the past 365 days or so, I have published a total of 212 blog entries! It has been a great stress reliever to be writing and expressing my love for Taenggu this way.

This year, on her 30th birthday, I’m happy to announce that AMLIFT has also turned ONE today! Cheers to ever more fairytale-like stories with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMLIFT, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAENGGU! πŸΎπŸ»πŸ’œ

You may check out my message on my OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! post on 9th March last year. πŸ‘€

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