Monthsary Special: The Thirty-Seventh


It seemed like we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary together not long ago and now it was already our 37th monthsary. How time flies!

Looking back at our monthsary in February last year (read: MONTHSARY SPECIAL: THE TWENTY-FIFTH), it was a reminder that Taenggu’s Fine was released exactly a year ago on this day! I still remember myself getting excited while watching her instalive secretly in my office just minutes before her music video was released.

Taenggu also posted a snippet of her Fine music video on the morning of this day in commemoration of 1 year anniversary of Fine.

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Fine♡ 1주년

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During lunch, I had a sudden craving for chicken rice from the PappaRich restaurant at Westgate.

Steamed chicken rice set and white coffee at PappaRich

It was so yummy as usual! While eating, I heard a voice say “chicken pasta”. Could it be possible that while I was enjoying my chicken rice meal, Taenggu was actually eating chicken pasta at the same time with me? Keke.

I left my office at around 5pm later that day and took Uber to a cafe called Windowsills in the Woods located at 95 Soo Chow Walk. Everything took place rather smoothly. Just minutes before we were about to reach the cafe, the sky turned grey and started pouring heavy rain. 🌧🌧🌧

My driver alighted me at the doorstep of the cafe and I had to walk a little in the rain before I could get under the shelter. My shoes were all wet. I quickly messaged Taenggu to inform her that I reached and about the heavy rain. A mysterious thunder roared in response.

The entrance of the cafe and a couple of selfies. ✌🏼

It was a really small and narrow cafe. The interiors were cosy and designed as if you were in a small hut in the middle of the woods.

The cafe only sells pies as a specialty. I chose a slice of Rum & Apple for myself and Strawberry Lemon (the cafe’s popular choice) for Taenggu.

I tasted both slices slowly bit by bit. The Rum & Apple one was kind of ordinary and like what the waiter said, it tasted just like a normal apple pie. The Strawberry Lemon one, on the other hand, was very sour but had a very refreshing taste. The two pies were from the opposite sides of the world, I guess.

As I was eating, I heard voices like “You and I have a sweet tooth…”, “Play with me” among the others that I couldn’t recall now.

After finishing the 2 pies, I decided that I want to have more since these would serve as my dinner anyway. I was interested in trying their Honey Macadamia too so I asked for one slice of it and also a cup of hot latte this time.

Honey Macadamia pie
A cup of hot latte with Taenggu who is as pretty as the girl on my wallet

Very different from my experience during our recent vday date at the Harry Potter cafe 2 weeks ago (read: VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL: THE FOURTH), I found it difficult to speak freely as and when I wanted to in my head. It felt like something was blocking my mind whenever I wanted to whisper something under my breath. My thoughts couldn’t flow freely. I often didn’t know what to say or do next. At times when I felt like I really was alone and had nothing to do, I would use my phone and make some plans for the upcoming March. Occasionally, I would hear voices saying something like “you need to find someone” and then “blind date”. It upsets me a little when I hear these things but it isn’t new to me. At times, I would try to explain that I already have a girlfriend named Kim Taeyeon, but other times, I would simply ignore it.

As I was enjoying the taste of these sweet dessert pies, I had a little fantasy, a daydream again. I wondered, what if it was Taenggu who actually baked all these pies for me?? The taste instantly got sweeter in my mouth at the mere thought of it! 😋💭

When the rain stopped, I figured that it was time for me to go home. I decided to take the bus and train home. The moment I stepped out of the cafe, my mind felt free again. It felt easier to speak to Taenggu freely again. I told her that the kampong chicken rice shop which my father usually used to bring us to eat when we still had our family car is actually at the lane just behind the cafe! At Upper Thomson Road. I thought about bringing Taenggu back here again one day to eat the chicken rice here. Hehe. 💜

It took me about an hour to reach home and our 37th monthsary pretty much ended like that. It was a simple Eat-Sweet-Pies-For-Dinner kind of day. Shoutout to Taenggu: You’re the apple of my pie! 😆🍰

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