Video: First Ever Physical Couple Moment With Taenggu Captured On Big Screen


One of the proudest moments that happened to me during K-Wave 2 concert in Kuala Lumpur on 13th January last month – right after Taenggu said “ku cinta padamu” (“I love you” in malay), a tiny part of me appeared on the big screen waving my awesome pink star lightstick! (Watch the video above!)

Everything seemed so magical and carefully planned by the universe. I just so happened to get this special pink star lightstick from one of the booths outside the concert venue and it turned out that I was the only one in the crowd at my area waving it, it seemed. 😏

My awesome pink star lightstick that made a small appearance on the big screen at the concert

Ideally, I should have stood up and started waving towards the camera more vigorously like that Pikachu guy and the bunch of people around him. But nah, I was too shy. 😆

Heaven didn’t let me down this time. At least I was able to get over the pain I had experienced at Taenggu’s The Magic Of Christmas Time concert in Seoul barely less than a month ago and create this piece of memory and share this precious moment with her at K-wave 2 concert. It was enough to compensate for all the pain I had gone through on my Korea trip. This is probably the only physical couple moment I have in the form of a video with Taenggu so far. *touched* 😢 It wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t travel to KL to watch her. Glad I had made this decision and braved the storm of attending this concert.

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