#29 Monthsary: The Double Plaits Dream Girl

“Thinking you in the day, dreaming of you at night.”
Celeste Koh


For most of our monthsaries in the year of 2017, how I decided what to draw for Taenggu was by recalling the most unforgettable photo of her or specific incident that happened to us during that month. For the previous 28th monthsary, I chose to draw Taenggu in spectacles because it was my favourite look of her that month (read: #28 MONTHSARY: TRUE COLOURS OF 안경탱). For this month of June, the monthsary drawing was about a vivid dream I had earlier that month of myself with my hair tied in double plaits which turned out to be a reflection of the girl I love in the physical reality. Read my post THE DOUBLE PLAITS DREAM for the full story. It was a sweet reminder that no matter where she was and whether I was awake or asleep, my Spirit was always by her side, regardless I was consciously aware of it or not.

The reference photo of Taenggu I had chosen for my 29th monthsary drawing

In the previous month, I also explored ideas and asked if I should continue colouring Taenggu in stripes of rainbow colours like I did for the previous 2 monthsaries. In order not to obscure the facial features of my subject, I decided to colour the background in rainbow colours instead of over Taenggu’s body this time. I guess it looks more visually outstanding like that. What do you think? Hehe.

Flower for the month:

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