Sooyoung Birthday 2018: Open Your Third Eye To See A Bigger World

“I have three eyes. Two to look. One to see.”


It was a rather busy and difficult period for me 2 weeks ago. I was sick and down with flu. I didn’t go to work for 3 days. There were so many things, particularly artworks, that I needed to do. Chinese New Year is coming. I had some Carousell orders for multiple handmade red packets to be fulfilled, on top of those that I have planned to make for Taenggu and friends. Valentine’s Day was round the corner too. I needed to make a piece of pixelated art for Taenggu as part of our vday tradition. Sooyoung’s and Ginger’s birthdays were approaching on Saturday that same week too. I also needed to make a special drawing for them each, just like what I did for them last year.

I was overloaded with work, personal ones. There were deadlines to meet. How could it be possible to fulfill all these tasks in my to-do list while I was physically unwell?

I tried to make use of the 3 days while I was away from work to make these drawings. I already had an idea in mind for Sooyoung’s. Last year, I made for her this drawing FOR SOOYOUNG: OPEN MY EYES as part of her Beaming Effect campaign back then. The concept was about gifting her the present of her 2 precious eyes. This year, I thought about opening her Third Eye, the gateway to higher consciousness. (To learn more about what Third Eye is, you can read This is more like a continuation to her last year’s drawing. (Does it mean that next year I will draw her a fourth eye though? lol. 🤔)

I chose the following photo of her as my reference photo.

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I was at Starbucks that day and I originally wanted to do a sketch out of this picture of her using a pencil but I couldn’t get her facial features right. It was so difficult to draw while I was feeling giddy and continuously blowing my nose at the same time. I ended up with a sketch which I thought look more like her elder sister, Choi Soo Jin. 😅

My pencil sketch which looked more like her elder sister, Soo Jin, rather than Sooyoung herself

So I gave up doing this freehand sketch. But her birthday was drawing near. I needed to quickly find an alternative way to make my drawing for Sooyoung. I went back home and an idea struck me. I decided that I would print her picture and use a tracing paper to trace her face out instead and then turn it into a black marker drawing. It was my first time using this approach but I couldn’t care less and had no time to spare. All I wanted was to get her drawing done fast.

And this was the result.

This, again, didn’t look like Sooyoung herself too. Instead, I thought it turned out looking similar to a Malaysian artist I have been following on instagram whose name is Red. (Her instagram account:

But this was the best I could do at that time for her under the difficult circumstances of a sick body and tight deadlines. If time permits in the future, I would spend more time improving on this new technique. But for now, this would have to do.

Opening your Third Eye is akin to spiritual awakening. I happened to come across this information on instagram last month.

To Sooyoung:

May you experience any of these above-mentioned positive symptoms and be blessed with a renewed spiritual wellbeing as colourful as the background of this drawing I’ve made for you.

Have a healthy, prosperous, fruitful and meaningful year ahead! HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY! 🎉🎂🎁🎀🎊

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