Ginger Birthday 2018: A Gift From Snoopy

“Keep looking up. That’s the secret of life.”
“A lot of people have caught my eye. But you were the only one that caught my heart.”


Nowadays I’m going cray cray over Snoopy ever since Taenggu wore Snoopy pyjamas on her instalive on 11 Jan.

Recently, I bought a new Snoopy sweater too, as was mentioned in ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: THE THIRD.

Proud of my new Snoopy sweater purchase! 😄

For the Year of Dog this year, I also made a special ang bao (chinese red packet) customised for Taenggu that has Snoopy and her two dogs, Ginger and Zero on it.

My customised handmade Snoopy red packet for Taenggu this year

Additionally, I posted a couple of instagram posts about the relevance of Snoopy in our relationship a few days before Ginger’s birthday too.

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Since yesterday's post mentioned about Taenggu's favourite Snoopy pyjamas, today's post is about Taenggu's secret love for Snoopy! I say this is a secret because the first 2 photos related to Snoopy which Taenggu used to post on her instagram were already deleted now. Lol. Anyway, it was Taenggu's cute Snoopy pyjamas that recently made me fall in love with Snoopy too. I just got myself a new Snoopy sweater because of her. Also made a Snoopy red packet for her and a Peanuts fan edit for Wine Day last year. And not forgetting the piece of Peanuts comic originally posted by a fellow SONE that encouraged me to continue writing on my blog for Taenggu just when I was feeling depressed about life last year. All in the name of love for Taenggu. Snoopy 짱! 👍💪🐶🐕 . Credits: lightsupmind [7] #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #snoopy #peanuts #comic #snoopycraze #allaboutsnoopy

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Naturally, Snoopy seemed to become a popular topic between me and Taenggu during that period of time. This eventually gave me a last-minute idea for a little drawing for Ginger’s birthday this year. “What if Snoopy wanna make friends and play with Ginger in real life?” I thought.

So 2 weeks ago, right after I was done with Sooyoung’s birthday drawing (FOR SOOYOUNG: OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE TO SEE A BIGGER WORLD), on the same day, I quickly got down to working on Ginger’s. What I had in mind was just a simple and quick doodle of Snoopy and Ginger, something cute and straight to the point.

I chose this old photo of Ginger from Taenggu’s instagram as my reference photo.

And ta-da, the result was a drawing of Snoopy giving Ginger a bone as a present for his birthday and also to mark the beginning of their budding friendship. 🐶💜🐶 I managed to complete this within 30-40 minutes.

You may also want to see the drawing for Ginger’s birthday last year and the story behind it here: FOR GINGER: BE MY NAMJA FOR TAENGGU

I hope this year Ginger has not only gained a new silver poodle dongsaeng (little brother) called Zero, he has also made a new white furred chingoo (friend) named Snoopy too!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINGER-YAH! Please continue to look after your Taenggu noona for me, okay! 사랑해 😍

Just to share a couple more of my favourite pictures of Snoopy.

This picture proves why Snoopy is going to be a really good friend of Ginger! 😍

Last year, during a brief period of depression, I came across the following Peanut comic strip posted by a fellow SONE which gave me strength to continue blogging back then.

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This year, I’ve found another similar one by myself. 😢

After blogging so much over the past one year (this is already my 203rd post), all I wanted to say is just one thing – that I love you, Taenggu! 😘💜

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