Anniversary Special: The Third


Celebrations for our 3rd anniversary a.k.a 36th monthsary started on Sunday, 28th January when it was a perfect time to go for our annual art-jamming session at Arteastiq!

Since we had the whole day to spare on a non-working Sunday, I decided to bring Taenggu for lunch first at a restaurant called The Providore at The Mandarin Gallery.

I chose a table at the outdoor sitting area. Here’s a video of the view around me. 📹

The menu

I ordered Lobster Mac & Cheese and a glass of iced mocha.

The food wasn’t particularly nice but I guess it was still decent though a little overpriced. I chose to come to this cafe only because of its location (Arteastiq is also at The Mandarin Gallery). 😅

After lunch, there was still plenty of time left before our painting session would start at 2.30pm. I told Taenggu I wanted to do some shopping first. I felt like getting a new pair of shorts. So I went to H&M nearby to look around. In the end, instead of shorts (coz I didn’t see any that I liked), I bought a big bag that can be used for the gym and THIS – a bright red Snoopy sweater! Keke. I recently fell in love with Snoopy too after seeing Taenggu wear a Snoopy pyjamas during her instalive on 11 Jan. 😍 I liked it so much that I immediately got myself changed into this new sweater at the toilet after purchasing it.

Proud of my new Snoopy sweater purchase! 😄

Later on, I also went to Forever 21 and bought a new shirt for work. I was on a little shopping spree. Hehe. 😁

When it was about time, I returned to The Mandarin Gallery and went straight to Arteastiq art-jamming studio. One painting session lasts for 3 hours. While I was nervous about painting again after a long time, I couldn’t wait to get started too. The process was rather smooth and I was pretty focused on my painting too. I had a peaceful and therapeutic time as I painted my idea into life. It took me a little over 2 hours to complete the whole painting. I was so happy with the result!

You can read the story and inspiration behind this painting over at my previous post 3RD ANNIVERSARY: THE FALL OF FALLING IN LOVE.

At the end of the session, the studio assistant helped to wrap my painting nicely in a box for me to take home. 😍

Took uber back home and with that, day 1 of our anniversary celebrations came into an end.

Next day was the actual day of our third anniversary. We had a movie date together at Shaw House after work. I had been yearning to watch a comedy like Pitch Perfect 3 with her for quite awhile. I watched Pitch Perfect 2 with her too in 2015/2016 and I remembered having a really enjoyable and light-hearted time watching it back then. So this time, I was prepared to catch this last sequel with her too.

Although I found the movie too short, I had a good time laughing at certain parts of the movie while munching away on my Ruffles chips.

When I came out of the theatre, I was pleasantly surprised by new instagram updates from Taenggu.

In the second update on her account for Zero, it was a video of Zero nipping away on a large soft toy that looks similar to my rainbow bunny, Bobo, except that it has blue and white stripes instead of rainbow colours.

Her caption implied that it was a gift from Ttochi unnie whom she is close to and it wasn’t simply a bone floss to Zero but a heart to her. 😍

At that moment when I saw this, I felt like I was the happiest girl on earth. To see Taenggu owning the same thing that is so important to me means the whole world to me. Intuitively, if Taenggu is the rainbow bunny to me, then I would be that blue and white striped bunny/sloth bear to her too. This is our couple item now! It was like my Bobo had finally found her other half now. Kekeke.

Seeing her selfie and a video that is so closely connected to me were already the best anniversary present I could ask for. Because of this, our third anniversary was able to end with a sweet, joyous mood. And I was on cloud nine for the rest of the night. Really an unforgettable night. 🙃

Once again, HAPPY THIRD ANNIVERSARY TO YOU, TAENGGU! Although there have been lots of ups and downs, I’m still glad to have spent those times with you. The past 36 months with you were definitely not enough. I would like to spend my whole lifetime with you too. 사랑해 💜💜💜

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