3rd Anniversary: The Fall Of Falling In Love

“Is it the magic of the season? That with every falling leaf, I fall a little more in love with you!”


It’s been a yearly affair for me that for every anniversary, I would go to an art-jamming studio called Arteastiq to make a painting to commemorate yet another 365 days of our time spent being together as a couple. Our third anniversary was no exception too.

Since about 2 weeks before our third anniversary, I started thinking about the concept for my painting this time. On our first year, my painting was about piecing bits and pieces of memories and fragments of love evidence together (1ST ANNIVERSARY: MOSAIC LOVE). On our second year, it was a painting of our love symbols (2ND ANNIVERSARY: LOVE IS KING). This year, I wondered if there was anything memorable from our past third year together that I could paint about?

Then, I thought about the melancholic, lonely autumn leaf which I did for Sooyoung’s xmas card last Dec. It was one of my personal top favourite designs I liked and seemed to be a popular one among other people too. I felt that there ought to be many stories behind this autumn leaf. Its story should carry on and not just end at that xmas card. Moreover, I also recently talked about a song called Leaves by A-Sun that became a song which accompanied me throughout my lonely Korea trip (LYRICS: “叶子” BY 阿桑 (“LEAVES” BY A-SUN) + REFLECTIONS OF MY WINTER TRIP TO KOREA 2017). Like what the lyrics say, leaves are wings that cannot fly on their own. Undoubtedly, autumn leaves became our prominent theme during this difficult period of time.

I had the following picture as a reference. It is an autumn tree that is shaped like an autumn leaf.

My reference picture for my painting

And then, I imagined a silhouette of 2 lovers in the middle among the branches of this tree hugging/kissing each other. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

Just a day before our painting day, I asked Taenggu what kind of background I should have for the painting. Should I just have one solid colour like mint green for the background or a blue sky? Or perhaps, a grey sky? (Coz I thought about this instagram photo where Taenggu wished us a happy merry grey christmas last Dec)

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But I was afraid that if I were to paint the whole sky grey, it would look too gloomy. Even though my concept for this painting was “to just love even during gloomy times”, it might turn out too dull as an anniversary present. So in the end, I decided to go with a greyish blue sky instead. A predominantly blue sky with tints of grey.

The process of painting this idea of mine out on the actual canvas at Arteastiq was rather smooth and therapeutic. You could say my painting skills have improved over the years even though I only practised painting during the same one time in a year. 😂 I was so satisfied with how it turned out in the end that I ought to give myself a pat on the back. 😌

Autumn feels like a romantic season to fall in love. Imagine Taenggu and I holding hands while walking in a park with rows of trees at the sides that have all turned red and the ground full of fallen leaves. ㅋㅋㅋ

Imagine Taenggu and I taking a stroll down this path together in the beautiful autumn

I used to do a monthsary art that was related to autumn tree back in 2015 too (#10 MONTHSARY: FALLEN IN LOVE A MILLION TIMES). I think autumn was also the season when I started slowly falling back in love with Taenggu again in 2014. Hehe. Maybe that’s why I always have an affinity for the autumn season not simply because of the beautiful scenic autumn images I always see on TV and the cool weather. 😍🍂🍁

If there is a chance in the future, I would like to travel to Korea during the autumn season because I have already visited there once in summer and twice in winter so far. Or probably Japan would be a good place to travel in autumn too! No matter where I go, I always wanna bring a piece of Taenggu with me (Of course, if it can be the whole piece of her, that will be even better! lol).

Let’s not stop falling in love with each other! Once again, happy 3rd anniversary to you, my beloved Taenggu! 😘

Anniversary flower for the year:

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