Monthsary Special: The Thirty-Fifth

“Stillness is the flower of winter. All hope waits beneath a blanket of white.”
“If flowers can teach themselves how to bloom after winter passes, so can I.”


Our 35th monthsary was spent in Taenggu’s home country, South Korea. Before my trip to Korea, I was kept extremely busy handling the sudden demand of multiple Carousell orders for my handmade xmas cards just a week before Christmas Day. I had to burn the midnight oil almost every night before my trip to make these cards. As a result, I didn’t have time to prepare a monthsary drawing for Taenggu at all. But I still brought along my drawing pad and pencil with me just in case I managed to find time during my trip to draw while travelling.

On Christmas Day, I bought the 2 containers of dried/preserved flowers (in the above cover photo) from a flower shop at Common Ground shopping mall in Seoul. I fell in love with them immediately when I saw them. I thought it would be a perfect monthsary flower for both of us in this month of December, the red one for her, the purple one for myself. They are mini flowers standing on top of a layer of “snow” kept in a bottle. I call them “Winter Flowers”. To me, they signified how strong these flowers were to be blooming still during this cold winter. How did they manage to bloom in such harsh conditions? Only with the power and strength of love, I thought. These flowers also served as an encouragement for me who was facing the cold reality of not being able to meet Taenggu alone while I was in Korea.

On the morning of 29th December (our 35th monthsary), my friends and I took a domestic flight from Jeju Island back to Seoul. We spent some time shopping at Seoul Station before taking a 2-hour KTX train to Jeonju, Taenggu’s hometown. We reached Jeonju at around 6 plus in the evening. We then took a cab from the station to our Hanok house called Byulnuri Guesthouse which was located near the Hanok village. Everything took place rather smoothly. The moment we arrived at the guesthouse, we had a warm welcome by a really cute ahjumma who was one of the owners. She tried to speak to us with some English while I spoke to her with the few Korean words that I knew of. Kekeke.

In our bathroom, there was a wall mural of The Little Prince! It was a sweet coincidence because just before I embarked on my Korea trip, I published a post about The Little Prince too when I was still in Singapore (MEMORIES OF KOREA TRIP 2015 – QUOTES FROM THE LITTLE PRINCE: TRUE COLOURS ARE SEEN WITH THE HEART).

The Little Prince wall mural in our bathroom

After checking in and putting our luggages in our room, we had dinner at a restaurant called 엄마손 (if I’m not wrong, it means mother’s hand?). We went there because it was one of the very few restaurants that were still opened at that time. We had 김치찌개 (kimchi jjigae) and also a pot of stir-fried beef which I didn’t take a photo of.

Our 김치찌개 (kimchi jjigae)

While eating our food, I had a little fantasy, just a little, thinking what if these food were actually cooked by Taenggu’s 엄마 herself. 😆💭

With dinner, it pretty much ended our 35th monthsary and one full day of travelling between 3 different places, Jeju-Seoul-Jeonju.

I decided to name this monthsary “Stillness Of Winter”. This winter was a difficult period for me to be travelling in Korea, exactly just like 2 years ago. Everything was still, as if nothing special was ever going to happen. Pretty much like what Taenggu had written in [BY TAEYEON] JUST STOOD STILL, AS IS, she wanted me to not do anything but just play and travel around Korea like how a tourist would. Just hold still, till this period is over. Just endure a little while more, and spring will come round before the flowers start to bloom again.

Stillness of winter. I guess that’s how winter is like. When all hope waits beneath a blanket of white. ☃️💜

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