Monthsary Special: The Thirty-Fourth


Our monthsary this month fell on a Wednesday. Initially, I thought I would just bring her on a dinner date to a cafe or restaurant after work as I usually would if our monthsary is on a weekday.

About one week before monthsary, my mum was watching the tv in the living room while I was sitting at the kitchen table doing some drawings. A commercial about The Addams Family musical was playing on the tv and my mum told me about it. She asked me if these kinds of musicals are nice to watch. I felt excited suddenly because it was rare that my mum would express any interest towards such concerts or musicals. I told her I would get tickets for her if she wanted to watch it. In hindsight though, she said she didn’t think she would be able to appreciate such musicals.

Then an idea struck me. I remembered just recently Taenggu shared on her instalive on 29th October when I was in Shanghai that she likes to watch The Addams Family during her free time.

Here’s a snippet of the video. 🎥

Between 1:42-2:01, she said:

*Reading comments* “Give me recommendations for horror movies.”
I really like “The Addams Family”.
On Halloween, I turn it on and watch it while I play with makeup or do other homebody things.

Personally, I hadn’t watched The Addams Family before so I was kinda curious about it. I went to check out on the musical online and found out that it was a musical comedy, a production from UK.

Following is the synopsis of the musical:

“Written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, the creators of multi award-winning Jersey Boys, and music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, THE ADDAMS FAMILY musical comedy features an original story, and every father’s nightmare. Wednesday Addams, the princess of darkness, has grown up and kept a shocking secret that only Gomez knows; she’s fallen in love with a sweet smart young man from a normal respectable family! And if that weren’t upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before – keeping this secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s ‘normal’ boyfriend and his parents. Two different worlds are about to collide. Will love triumph, or will everyone go home vaguely depressed?”
Cited from VizPro Mediacorp website

It had at least one show running every day until 3rd Dec. I thought it would be a perfect idea to catch this musical with her on our monthsary! I loved how the universe seemed to organise this date for us. It was so coincidental that shortly after she shared with me her favourite movie, The Addams Family, there was a musical about it happening in Singapore this month! So I quickly invited Taenggu to watch this musical with me and got myself a ticket for the 29/11 show.

On the day itself, it was daytime work as usual. During lunch, I initially wanted to eat something cheap and simple like a plate of chee cheong fun that costs only about $2 as I was on a tight budget that month, but something seemed to tell me to eat something nice since it was a special day for us and at the same time, I was worried that I wouldn’t have many nice photos of our date together to publish on my monthsary special blog post this time.

So eventually I settled for something else like a claypot curry chicken for lunch. It was something I hadn’t tried myself from that new food stall too. So I thought I could let Taenggu taste something new in her tastebuds too. 😋

Next, I went upstairs to visit a Korean cafe called “Oh My” cafe.

I patronised this cafe quite a few times before and whenever I came here, I only ordered their hot caffe mocha to drink while I would read a book, update my instagram with new posts or do some planning on my phone. So this time I did the usual thing too.

Not to forget a selfie since it was monthsary 😊📸

And while I enjoyed my coffee, I shared a photo of me with a giant Pikachu outside Hillion where I met my friend, Zhou Jing for dinner the night before. I thought it acted like a fortune cat for the new shopping mall. Keke.

About 2-3 weeks ago, I also shared a special compilation instagram post about Taenggu and Pikachu too!

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"Fresh. This is my beginning now for my dream~ The trip for my dreams, Pikachu." – Kim Taeyeon (June 17, 2013) Earlier this week, I just sold my Pikachu bubble blowing lantern (second last pic) and it reignited a memory I had with Taenggu last year that was related to Pikachu. For our 16th monthsary, on 28-29th May 2016, I brought her to a staycation at a hotel for one night. At that time, a Pokemon pop-up cafe had just opened in Singapore a few days ago. There was a huge craze over it back then. Knowing that Taenggu likes Pikachu, on the day when we checked out from the hotel, I decided to bring her to visit this cafe for lunch. I braved the 3+ hours of standing and waiting in the long queue before I could get a seat inside the cafe finally. The food in the menu was so kawaii. It's Taenggu's favourite Pikachu everywhere! I bought a few merchandise too and gave her a Pikachu tail. ㅋㅋ And that was how I celebrated our 16th monthsary together. 😊 Interesting sidenote: Last week, when I posted my Halloween No-Face drawing, I asked who's this anonymous No-Face Batman. Could it have been Pikachu? (see last pic – taken at a shop in Shanghai during my trip) 😂 Ryan, Apeach, Spongebob, Iron Man, Jack Skellington, No-Face and now, Pikachu ✔ 3rd pic credit: flowertaengoo39 #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #pikachu #pikataeng #pokemon #pokemoncafe #16thmonthsary #May2016 #noface #batman #snippetofmemories #memories

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Since the musical showtime was 8pm at MES Theatre (a 40-min journey from Jurong East), when I ended work at 6pm, I still had some time to spare. I told Taenggu that I needed to find a romper as a birthday gift for my sister who suggested me to visit a shop called TEMT at Westgate that she likes. So I went there and took quite a long time trying to choose a suitable romper and taking photos for my sis to choose her favourite one. By the time I was done, I only had about 15 minutes left for a quick dinner.

So I quickly went downstairs back to the same food stall to have some chee cheong fun which I originally wanted to eat for lunch.

Right after I finished my dinner, I quickly made my way down to MES Theatre at the Mediacorp campus. I had to take a train to Buona Vista and then switched to take a bus from there.

While waiting my bus at the bus stop, something within me seemed to remind me about wearing my spectacles. In my post #28 MONTHSARY: TRUE COLOURS OF 안경탱 that was published earlier that day, at the end of the post, I mentioned that I was going to put on my spectacles in order to enjoy the musical with Taenggu later on. So obediently, I took out my spectacles and put it on so that I could see the bus number clearly too. 🤓

I was already running late for the musical when the bus dropped me off at an unfamiliar deserted area. I was feeling quite lost when a kind uncle came to me and asked where I was heading to. He immediately directed me the way to the Mediacorp campus. I felt so thankful as if Taenggu’s soul was by my side silently directing people to guide me and making sure that I could reach my destination safely.

It was 8.02pm by the time I reached the theatre.

The show had already started. Initially, one usher told me they couldn’t let me in yet until about 8 minutes later. So I could only watch the musical through a tv outside the theatre at first.

However, within the next 2 minutes, another senior usher came and said she could let me in so it took faster than expected. When I got inside the theatre at the 3rd floor, there were several empty seats around. I actually bought the cheapest ticket somewhere at the centre but kinda far back from the stage. Because there wasn’t any ushers inside to check my ticket, I simply sat at one of those empty seats at the front right wing that had a much closer and clearer view of the stage instead. Keke. 😆

Thankfully, the security wasn’t tight so I managed to take a few photos and videos just for the purpose of uploading onto this blog as a physical memory for Taenggu. Ideally, I would have filmed the entire show so that Taenggu could really watch it together with me here but practically, doing so would take up much of my phone battery and memory space and it wasn’t ethical too, so I only took a small clip and enjoyed the rest of show comfortably with my eyes and ears. 👀👂🏼

Another 안경셀 selfie and photo of the theatre during the 15-minute intermission. 💜

The view of the theatre from my seat

The entire musical lasted for about 2 hours. Here’s the ending where the actors and actresses came out one by one to thank the audience. Photography and videography were allowed during this segment. 😊

I’m not sure if the original The Addams Family movie was a comedy as well, but I loved Wednesday’s father, Gomez’s character the most in this musical because he was really funny and charming in it. It was enjoyable to watch how he was torn apart between his beloved wife and daughter and eventually reunited his family that was about to fall apart together again in a comedic way. 😍

How did I relate the musical to my personal life? The story of how Wednesday brought her normal boyfriend and his family home to meet her parents kinda made me think about how it might be like if Taenggu’s family and mine were to meet each other one day. Our families of different backgrounds and cultures. 😵 The musical also played a side story of Gomez’s brother who fell in love with the moon. He joked about how the distance between him and the moon was a good thing because then there could be less or no friction with each other in their relationship this way. It made me relate to the physical distance between me and Taenggu too, but who says we hadn’t quarrelled before though? Kekeke. At the end, he “rocketed” himself to the sky to meet the moon, the love of his life finally, which I thought was very touching. How I wished I could rocket myself across oceans to meet Taenggu like that too! You can read a related old post LYRICS: TALKING TO THE MOON where I wrote about how I used to relate Taenggu as a moon and talk to her almost every night just to tell her my story. 😢 If there is a chance in the future, I think I will watch the full original The Addams Family movie too! 🎬

It was around 10 plus when the musical ended. It was about an hour’s journey back home before I finally called it a day. Here went our very first musical date on our 34th month together! 😘

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