Pepero Day 2017: Pepero Food Art + Reflections of 11:11

“Let’s be 1 four-ever!”
Celeste Koh


About 2 or 3 days before 11 November, it suddenly dawned upon me that the day 11/11 was coming. I thought 11/11 would be a meaningful day because of Taenggu’s song 11:11. I thought I should do something special for Taenggu on this day too, but I was running out of ideas of what I could do. I thought it could have been nice if I could film myself playing the guitar intro of the song, but it was impossible for me to master and practise this song within such a short span of time left. “It’s such a waste!” I thought, “Maybe I will do it next year instead.” And I opted to search for other possible ideas from her 11:11 MVs/performances or read up on the significance of 11/11 instead.

First, I found out from the internet that 11/11 is considered a day of new beginnings. 11:11 is also a time when you hold on to hope and make a wish.

Taeyeon’s 11:11 was a heartbreak song about a girl’s reminiscences about making wishes with her former lover when the clock struck 11:11. When the song was released on November 1st last year, I didn’t quite understand why it was titled “11:11” and the significance of this time. Now I understand why.

Quoting the lyrics of 11:11, “I believe I’ll be over you”.

In the mystical sense, I learned that the number ’11’ is also known as the master number to the universe.

So I kept a lookout for any numbers of ’11’ popping up around me those few days and these were what I found.

The fact was, for the past one month, I had constantly been seeing the date 11 November every time I tapped in and out of the train stations because of the expiry date of my travel concession pass. It was a sweet reminder of the song 11:11 to me every time. 😌 If seeing the number ’11’ was a sign of spiritual awakenings, then it really did come true to me already because when 11:11 was released last year, it happened during a period of time when I began to take more active steps in balancing myself more spiritually through yoga and reading, and started having psychic visions.

But still, no number could beat my magic number ’39’. 😉 (related post: MAGIC NUMBER ‘39’)

How about Taenggu’s MV or performances of 11:11?

I really loved the live acoustic version of 11:11 she filmed last year.

You can read my instagram post below for my reflections about this video.

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It's 11/11 today! Not only is it an important day to the universe, it is a signficant month where Taenggu's 11:11 was released last year. So here's my favourite behind-the-scene cuts from her live acoustic version of 11:11! Wondering if she was silently hoping for me while she was getting ready for the recording (the way she looked upwards and gently patted her thighs)? ㅋㅋ This is one of my favourite songs by Taenggu too! I like the acoustic guitar sound. I like it so much that it has been my ringtone ever since its release even until now! 🎵🎵🎵 so everytime my phone rings, I would hear Taenggu's voice "It's eleven eleven~". Haha. I hope that during any bad days, I could just nanana~ my day away like Taenggu in the second last video! 😊 Happy 11/11! Happy Pepero Day!! 😘 @taeyeon_ss #taeyeon #taenggu #태연 #탱구 #1111 #peperoday #live #acoustic #guitar

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Back then when I first watched this video, I could feel some sort of connection in the behind-the-scene cuts at the front part of the video. The way she was gently patting her thigh and looking upwards seemed to me that she was silently hoping for me. 😍

And yes, it has been over a year now ever since the song was released and my phone ringtone is still 11:11. I guess I don’t have a habit of changing my phone wallpapers and ringtone often. So my wallpaper is always still that outdated photo of Taenggu and my phone always still sings “It’s eleven eleven” whenever I have a phone call. Hahaha.

There is one thing I wanted to say about her 11:11 MV too.

Whenever I watched this part between 3:15-3:41, I felt like smacking that guy’s face. How could anyone be so mean to my Taenggu?! 😤😤😤

So, after gathering all these information online, on the day of 11 November itself, I still didn’t have a solid idea of what kind of art to do until Taenggu posted a video of herself eating a Pepero stick on her Instastory bright and early in the morning. (p.s. to me, bright and early refers to any time before 12pm. haha 😂)

The text in the video says “I received Pepero”.

I finally realised what kind of special day 11/11 actually was to Taenggu. It’s Pepero Day in Korea! It’s the day when you give pepero snacks to your friends and loved ones as a gesture of love and affection in Korea.

I was reminded of how 3 years ago, on 11 November 2014, I received a silent nudge from the universe to treat myself to a box of Pocky that morning only to realise later on that it was a Pepero Day in Korea, Pocky Day in Japan and Singles Day in China.

At that time when I saw Taenggu’s video, I had just done something meaningful delivering a parcel to Taenggu and my 11:11 special handmade bird nest necklace to my Carousell buyer at the post office. I knew it meant that I should get myself some Peperos and Pockys too. “Why not make a food art out of them for Taenggu?” An idea sparked. And that was how my 11:11 food art photos came about. Keke. 😄

So what’s for next year’s 11/11? I guess I should start practising my guitar more diligently from now on! 😬😆

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